Veils Of Virtual Reality

When I was young, I was burdened with the prospects of going to a conditioning camp (also known as school) for a grueling 8 hours a day. Finding very little solace with the limitations of our society, I chose to dive deep into the fictional worlds displayed by the artistic genius of our video games.

At that age, anywhere I found myself in the physical world, I was simply not there. Instead, I was fantasizing or imagining my alter identity in an imaginary video game world. Everything felt more magical and purposeful in these fictional worlds, that it lead me to grow very attached to their outcomes and adventures.

While speaking with friends, I hardly remember talking about anything else, unless the topic was about video games. It enveloped my entire world, so much so, that I always dreamed of a day where our technology would be so advanced that it would make these virtual spaces a reality. For the belief of anything magical happening on its own accord, seemed to be impossible.

Putting to the side the idea that our reality is a simulation or the Gnostic concept of the physical world being a matrix, let us flash-forward to this year of 2021. Many people are already found in some type of cyberspace. Doing work, interacting on social media, reading books, playing games or watching videos of all kinds on their computers and phones. We now have access to virtual goggles that we can strap on our heads to provide a relatively realistic visual/audio virtual experience.

However, the goggle space has been mostly confined to video games for now, because many don’t enjoy wearing a huge monitor for an entire day. Though soon, people will be able to place glasses on their head and receive an intuitive enough experience where they won’t bother taking them off.

Now we see Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook, desiring to create the first real mainstream virtual reality space for us to drown our daily discontent within. This is the future many will choose to embrace, as the only other alternative would be far too painful. The quieting of the mind, and the breaking free of our external illusions.

On November 19th there was a powerful lunar eclipse that took place. Many in the metaphysical community believed this to bring up energies of sadness to be dissolved. I was shocked when I heard about this, because for many weeks I was sensing a sadness within me that I rarely ever experience.

Having gone through that strange experience, I realized that it was directly tied to my attachment to our virtual reality. I have created two video games for the purpose of enlightening those who are still in the midst of it. All the same, my creations have appeared to have only a little impact on those who have played them. This caused me to delve deeper into my shadow self, which is the child in me who has experienced the trauma of parents yelling, teachers belittling, peers ridiculing, and the whole of society restricting. Of course, in turn these people themselves are at odds with their own shadow. Having not the courage to face their fears and anxiety, they have lead themselves into the virtual world of their own thought-based mind, which only now is manifesting itself in physical form.

The sadness that was brought up during the energy window of this eclipse, has noted how I will have to do my best to break free of my need to play video games in the future. The precipice of them, is a constant need for dopamine hits by exploring virtual spaces instead of the expansive reality that can be explored within and without.

Of course, that is not to say that there is anything inherently negative about the technology or any technology, in general. I purposely leave out the positives of our current artificial interactions. The reason is because the positives exist within a greater limitation, like a useful battery that runs on a toxic crude oil; our underlying dissatisfaction. It is key to remember that it isn’t anything external that causes suffering.

The greater reality that awaits us, is much more immaculate than any virtual space could possibly provide. Many mystics have implored humanity to find its true potential by going within, and clearing the mind of all obstructions. Within this field, anything is possible. Visions of higher beings, playing with the infinite radiance of the stars. Astral projection to new planets and new dimensions. Exploration of inner realms that grow our wisdom and strength of character. Playing with the mythological creatures in a magnanimous fantasy sanctuary full of life, more realistic than any we have ever known. Thereby, making anything we created in fiction, simply a channeling of what our subconscious always knew was possible. A journey towards the sensation of true magic and bliss. For many, this statement will be unbelievable, and unacceptable. Meaning it will be laughed off, denied or ridiculed as fantasy. Those individuals who do so, are within the most tragic depression of their life, and they don’t even realize it. So, as what has been said before, the worse kind of hell, is the one you don’t know you’re in.

While, I know this is possible, like much of my fellow humanity, I seem, all to often, to opt for the more immediate option. Knowing meditation takes quite a bit of concentration to astral project into super amazing hyper-real worlds, along with sustaining a true contact with the divine and immaculate beings. This prospect still doesn’t stop me from scroll wheeling around social media, or binge watching a popular gaming channel on Youtube. Watching other people play video games feels like a peak matrix scenario. And yet something in my past enjoys the nostalgic and humorous dialogue of two friends that are so engrossed in the virtual scapes, I use to believe, were my entire eternal reality.

Because like many, I would feel entirely disconnected from myself if I were to drop my virtual worlds all at once. I have done this in the past, and it only seemed to create an overwhelming sadness in me that couldn’t be properly dissolved with my current aptitude of willpower. Our connection through the internet is serving the purpose of allowing us to find a way to transcend its various veils.

It is good, that the spiritually awakened are being magnetically guided towards a brighter future. It is likely there will be many more heart-based communities that crop up all around the world, which will be the forerunners in the creation of a new society. These communities will take the values of all spiritual philosophies into consideration, and will become similar to the way the indigenous people have lived in perpetual balance with nature (though on a much higher level).

In these integrated communities, there will be little need for the virtual realms, as the greater spiritual reality opens up for all. Our unique psychic sensitivities will begin to align and allow us to do anything and everything we could do on the internet and more. Our human potential will become known to everyone we are connected with.

Eventually, this will encompass the globe, and we will begin to have a planetary wide open contact with other civilizations, and begin to fully realize our heavenly dream like fantasies into the physical plane.

The virtual reality world is still very much our home. It is just a good reminder to not become attached to it, or you may soon find yourself stuck in the limited realm that is constantly becoming more and more alluring— and constantly finding a way to dig their meat hooks further into your own pain. I find it best to begin the transition now. Taking the time to play around less in the digital space, and more in the dream space or the space of the personal body-mind complex. The more the shadow is cracked open and the divine is seen in the physical world, the less alluring the virtual one will become. In time, you will find yourself meditating much more, enjoying walks, small sensations and recognizing many more hints of the mysterious new kingdom, that reveals itself in synchronicity and psychic phenomena.

Your time scrolling uselessly and endlessly on the computer will be reduced, though you will still find yourself watching old nostalgic music videos, television clips or something. Knowing full well, that the memories of our limited past will soon be dropped for the grandeur of a glorious new dawn. Where our creative imagination becomes a physical reality.

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