Powerless To Follow Passion, Births A Path Towards Greater Passion

Old sayings have been echoed within the nexus of our culture in recent times. “Follow your bliss”, “Act on your passion”, and “Do what you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life.” These sayings are often repeated by those who have obtained great success in their life by finding something they are interested in and involving themselves within that act of creation until their work becomes a prominent piece of society.

Though, the reader may be reading this and have, as I, wondered about the prospect of such a highly successful, and abundant endeavor happening through their own personal passion. For there are many who desire to follow their passion, and yet they face a towering steel wall of shattered expectations that have the words “bliss and passion” stricken out, even with the totality of their accumulated effort and willpower— due to the way we structure our society.

The cold reality of what we are given, to what we are able to consistently produce; is almost always insufficient if one desires to make their own living through their passion alone. This means that most people have to find work that can barely be thought of as “following one’s bliss”. Thus, they have fewer hours in the day, to improve their preferred craft. As well, it means less enthusiasm for the work they are currently doing, and less joy for everyone they interact with. In this way, society as a whole becomes down-trodden with a sense of meaninglessness and depression.

Another fallen tree along this path— is pinpointing exactly what one’s passion actually is. For many, we decide that our joy is along the lines of television shows or video games and any ideation towards any other endeavor is usually met with our own harsh criticism. For me, I have explored areas of art, game design, animation, writing, and more, only to still be at a lost for what I need to focus on the most. Many times I find myself streaming on Twitch.tv just to see if I can accumulate any amount of attention at all by doing something I know I can enjoy; sitting down and playing video games. I am not alone in this quest to achieve a living through gaming, as there are 9 million active streamers daily, and only 10% rise high enough to make a significant amount of income. This leaves the rest to struggle for only a handful of viewers.

Of course this is the negative of the society we are born into. Not everyone has equal opportunity to do as they desire. Yet, this awareness cannot be used to become hopeless and stagnant in our endeavors. We understand that circumstances of most individuals are usually seeped deeply in great challenge. These challenges will never be overcome by believing they are impossible to pass through. If one were to believe that, there indeed would be no way around it. So why give in to thoughts that would doubt your progress towards a preferred life?

Perhaps, you can find time to work on your passion by spending less time on social media, watching television, or playing video games. You may find it easier to move in with friends or family while you reorient what you value more in life. Eventually, you will find ways to give your life a bit of breathing room. However you do it, you will certainly succeed in time. But, even if you do succeed in your given passion, what about all the others that are still struggling, by themselves, to also get to the place you are at?

This is where a higher passion can be birthed. It is one that is still quite dormant in most of the people I have interacted with. Yet, this higher passion is becoming more apparent throughout our global society. It is this sense that things need to become less challenging for all involved in society. It is causing people to rise up in a number of ways and begin protesting on the streets. But, this will be woefully inefficient in creating the necessary change needed to allow more passion to flow throughout the planet.

What is needed is a greater type of cooperation. A type of cooperation that can allow individuals the freedom to do as they please, when they desire it. New societies will have to be created that utilize permaculture, local community, trade with other local communities, and an acceptance of a holistic more expanded consciousness.

This type of passion definitely exceeds all others in mending the wounds from the trauma of our current society. If anyone can manage to organize their local community on this scale, they would be doing the greatest service they could be doing for humanity. These communities could then find lawyers to form their own law (based on something like natural law), their own security (if they felt they needed it), and their own system of work ethic and commerce— which would be much more fair and allowing of the individuals need for rest and creativity.

While, perhaps as lofty an ideal this sounds, it would be far better than allowing massive centralized institutions to dictate the direction of our lives. Many of which, we have no say in at all. Within these new “heart-based” local communities, we would forgo the archaic idea of “representational government” and move into something more direct, where everyone’s voice is heard on some level (as we already have the technology in place to do so).

This idea is slowly growing in many forms. But, it is rather unorganized and unconnected at the moment. For me, I wish I could help these movements more. But, like many, it requires my own material situation to become improved before I can even consider this as a possibility. Many would agree with me, that they would rather find a way to make it on their own in the system already in place before they take a risk to another community that is limited in its ability to make vast changes.

Yet, for those individuals who already have more than enough resources (or ways to acquire resources), a more heavy urgency lies upon them to veer towards this ideal path. I would love to see a website that finds a way to connect all these new local permaculture communities together, so that we may find ways to build more infrastructure together and have plenty of abundance and opportunities to go around for everyone in our communities. This would also create more meaning in people’s lives, who are mostly sapped by the inability to be a part of something more harmonious and positive for the entire planet. A positive type of globalism.

For now, all we can do is whatever we know to do in the moment. In this, I am writing, creating videos and art of various kinds and keeping my balance by meditating and connecting ideas with others. I don’t really know where any of this will lead to. It seems as though I could be doing whole lot more, but no opportunities for more, lie ahead of my current situation. Perhaps for you it is different. Perhaps you can now see more avenues opening up for a greater society. More than just pressing a button of representation every four years.

Within the egg of our limited worlds and passions, a great phoenix is ready to come alive.

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