If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

Art by u/wat_the_deuce

…it is best to say nothing at all.

This is something often repeated as a general wise rule of thumb for interacting with humanity. Sometimes we may provide our perspective or additional information that may sound to others like we are “being mean”, but this is a different matter. For unless someone asks for our personal critical input, it is usually the case that being positive to all, is what we find healing to our soul.

Awareness in every moment is useful to this.
Let me point out exactly why with a story from my own experience.

Within a small art classroom, we were making rough sketches of our current assignment while quietly talking and listening to music. A lady who seemed distracted from a text, started to exclaim a rather poignant opinion about croc shoes. “I just got a text that my son bought crocs!” she said in a disgusted voice, “Who would want to wear those? They are so ugly!”

She went on and on, confident that no one would mind the banter.

Though, before she could go further, a young man in the middle of the room loudly cleared his throat. Everyone looked to see what he would say. Instead, he simply put up his feet on his desk.

He just so happened to be wearing crocs.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing.
Recognizing her error, the lady responded, “Well… I mean… they look good on you…”

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