The Intense Energy Of Higher Dimensions

Art by Illuminating Life

Last night, I found myself becoming lucid within a dream. This is always an exciting occasion, because the potential for enjoying myself is increased nearly a hundred fold. During this conscious dream, I made an intention to experience my greatest desire. As I made the wish, the entire dream began to darken. Suddenly, a radiant dragon could be seen in the distance, as I became surrounded in blackness. It was a test. The astral descending from the more limited dream state. A higher realm making itself known to the lower realm, to see if I was truly ready to receive the experience.

The form of the dragon was frightening to see. Not inherently, mind you, but because I did not prepare my mind for the higher vibrational energy. It was too magnanimous to behold. I quickly looked away, and the dragon began to de-focus from my view. I was not able to handle the visceral capacity of it, at that time. I chose to stay comfortable instead.

Nonetheless, the dream continued. I was able to fly around, do magical things, and speak to the dream entities, as though I was living a fantasy novel. Despite the ecstasy of experiencing such freedom, my highest desire remained unfulfilled.

As is sometimes noted by mystical philosophers, the only thing that holds humanity back from greatness is the illusion of fear. Fear is what disallows our bodies to hold in the divine energies of the All (God or the universe), of which, is sensationally more blissful than anything we can imagine. So they say, always focus on God, the good feeling within, and you will surely be able to embody it one day.

By simply living life, the body seems to slowly be able to handle more of this energy and our fear becomes less and less. I have had several powerful visions before — such as the astral dragon, and each time it exudes an effulgent aura that I can hardly hold within me for very long. The slipstream of these higher dimensional forces, always challenges the depth of my self-knowledge in Love and Light.

While for most people who take a hefty supply of psychedelics, they will inevitably meet the energy as an involuntary ego death. Their small self will die to integrate to the larger whole. But, for those who prefer to expand their consciousness in other ways, they must find it within themselves to overcome this fear voluntarily.

Every time the higher realms descend unto me, in either meditation or the dream state, I am overwhelmed by the energy. This is where I have to literally remind my fearful self, that I am consciousness — therefore, I am God, I am the All, and I create my reality according to my will. Sometimes I just repeat the words out loud, “I am God! I am God! I am God!” and suddenly the terrifying visions will shift towards another form or at the very least, allow me to stand side by side with them as an equal.

This very same focus can also be considered in the waking world, to transmute daily anxiety into bliss, freedom, and love. Assuming it is understood that the limited self of beliefs and opinions is not the only aspect of God, it can guide anyone towards gaining more of that vital energy into the body.

All that is required is a type of subtle imagination that your consciousness is as any ascended master or great being within All That Is. Usually, it is more realistic to sense this as a future inevitability, as your current reality will not likely reflect this ideal. Irregardless, feeling the power and freedom of this notion, will actually create a glimpse of that sensation in your body. And as far as you know, it will seem like the height of joy. Thus, slowly or quickly (depending on how focused you remain) gathering more divinity to your avatar. Many mystics often reiterate how this focus is the greatest thing anyone can do in their life, because it allows for any individual to embody the highest form of unconditional love, power, and peace within themselves — which naturally exudes to others.

This kind of knowledge definitely makes life more interesting. I will continue to seek new ways of expressing it in my work, as I trust you find your way to it, as I find mine.

So I write this verse:

On this level, I still have a mouth
On this level, I still have eyes

Going beyond, what can I say?
Sensing the forgotten past
Remembering the future

Bliss is bliss.

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