Is This The Nature Of Destiny?

I am sitting down now, drinking my oat milk tea, writing this article on destiny. Was this destined to happen? Certainly, it has been on my mind for awhile now, and it seems that this would suppose a certain kind of trajectory. An energy, if you will, that gravitates towards an inevitable expression in the world. That expression, just so happened to be the very article you are reading.

Connected to this, is the idea of whether or not we have free will. A popular question which I gave an answer to in this article:

Does Free Will Exist?

We always have the ability to act in ways we prefer, carving out whatever path we so choose in life. Yet, our ability to do so is challenged significantly by the limitations that have been set through the various circumstances. Such as the people we so happened to interact with, where we so happened to live, the current state of the society we so happened to be born into, as well as what our physical tendencies and the choices we decided to make.

This is not to say that we can’t at any point, break those conditions through knowledge and direction, but we often feel no need to. Is this the nature of our destiny?

The idea that we have no say in certain matters, is sometimes enjoyable. That which occurs, has occurred because of the synchronous timing within the scope of our ability to act on whatever we prefer to, in the moment.

For me, there is always a balanced desire that more people will read my articles or enjoy my other creative endeavors. That perhaps, one day, this will allow me to make a living through doing what I enjoy to do. For me, I wonder if I am destined to manifest such a reality, later in life? Perhaps, it is simply not my destiny to do so! A destiny left for others.

This belief is tricky, because it could easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I surrender to the idea that I am not meant to make a living doing these kinds of things, then easily the belief can lead to actions that will not be as productive in that direction. I will start to expend my energy in my other preferences, likely missing any opportunity to fulfill this role.

On the other hand, what if my destiny will lead me to this goal, no matter how much effort I sink into my work? If this is the case, I could be over-expending my energy, when all that is needed is patience.

Many individuals seem to just be in the right place at the right time. Through either fate or chance they place something into the world (now usually on the internet) and it attracts many to their work.

If this is by chance, to me, it still feels like fate. Because if I am to get lucky, and live in the way I prefer, I must simply act in the same way I have been acting anyways. The only difference would be the off-chance my work provides more fruit.

In fate or chance, my actions assume someone will gain a benefit in this type of work. It makes no difference whether I fail or succeed in its attractiveness, according to the circumstances. Of course, I would always prefer that it garnered as much attention as possible, because then there is a greater probability of collective insight, and thus a more enlightened society. The very least of which, is the fulfillment of my desire to make a living doing so.

No matter how it plays out, I must always choose to see the results as a positive. For how do I know that this desire is the most preferable one to hold onto? If the consequences of my work show that no one has an appetite for it, then eventually, I will find myself cultivating one my alternative desires, of which, may potentially lead to a far more gratifying life. Something I would have never known, if people became interested in my work, and I found myself stuck in a particular role.

As some spiritual liaisons have pointed out, it is likely that our incarnational cycles follow themes of experience. These specific experiences are destined to occur, because we set them up outside any sense of a continuum. If we chose a life that is full of obstacles, then those obstacles are there for a very specific reason. A reason, of which, only the greater aspect of our soul could possibly know— leading us towards a greater understanding of our self in the process.

So it could very well be the higher situation, that only a few people are supposed to view these kinds of things. In which, allows me to go where I am truly destined to go. Perhaps, it is the same with you? Or perhaps your desire to succeed in this way, is destined to outweigh my own.

Either way, I continue to do as I do, until my desire to succeed in this way, is utterly extinguished. Conjuring the spiritual energy through the pineal gland, the thirty-three vertebrate of the spine, and the billions of nerve cells throughout my body to coalesce towards more Enlightenment. To me, this the only way to create peace within the paradox of my potential destinies.

I ask the reader now, what they see in reading this article? Though I often speak about myself, I could also be speaking about anyone.

In what way do you perceive your own destiny?

Feel free to also watch my most recent animation:

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