Scattered Remnants of Mystical Visions

Caverns by Adam Varga

Perception changes everything in our life.

I am reminded of the “Make Everything OK” button website. Everything that is going awry in our life is because we perceive it so. This is not to say things are the most preferable they could be, but it is always the case, that we can surrender to our capacity to enact change, at whatever level of involvement we are at.

Looking at the image above, my consciousness is met with a possible challenge. It is such a beautiful work of art, that I can easily shift into a state of being —  where I even wonder why I bother to create anything to begin with. The art has a profound faculty of invoking mystery and awe. These kinds of things, I wish I could also conjure up in people, but I have yet to even come close to that mark. 

Feeling this way, would definitely be falling short of what is more preferable to experience, which is the sensations the artist desires to invoke, and an inspiration towards more conscious awareness in life. 

Certainly, it seems rather unlikely I would be known for being a creator of any kind. While the few games, books, and animations I made were nice to few, they don’t seem to have quite the type of uniqueness— you would expect from a great piece of work. In this, the pendulum of my current endeavors is swinging back around to a more acceptable notion. It can be summed up in this statement:

“Do what you do”

Nothing more relevant can be said. Our focus of attention finds a reason to express itself, and a reason to withdraw. Can our desire for something more, grant us a single cubic of stature? What remains is whatever we decide to do, and that work must stand alone to how ever many eyes happen to approach it.

In these realizations, I have understood the power of our subjectivity. Often this is understood in childhood, but forgotten when we become trained in our society. Trained in ways of anxiousness and unstable desire. Yet, nothing is ever in vain. For these experiences round up the spirals of life, into more substantial heights.

So while I cannot quite express the beauty, mystery, or even humor of the universe as well as I would like, I have been able to explore my inner realm to a highly expansive degree. Of course, perhaps a pity to mention to anyone, because it may sound as though I am attempting to lord something over someone else.

Which maybe, I am! Yet ultimately, it certainly does not matter what level of consciousness anyone is on. It is only an interesting notation.

In meditation, I receive a variety of dream-like visions. These visions appear in the dark background of my closed eye-lids. Many different symbols, obscure languages, objects, faces, and humanoid gestures. Various voices are heard, relaying the same, barely heard messages.

The great majority of it remains a complete mystery to me. In my dreams, sometimes I further experience these types of puzzling occlusions — and in the waking world I am often aware of the synchronicity that continues spinning this thread into an unusual tapestry of great spiritual enigma.

While I have wondered and asked what they mean, it never seems to get me anywhere. It has been told, by some mystics, that the visionary state is something that must be passed through quickly, as it can be very confusing to reside in. However, all the same, it is something I have not yet found my way through. The chromatic astral visions of strength, bliss, fear, love and wonder always fade back into my more daily and mundane, spiritual routine.

Though, I receive these visions nearly every time I go into a deep meditation, one such vision, I received a few years ago, sticks in my mind at the time of this writing. I remember listening to someone on Youtube speaking on spiritual matters. As I was listening, I began to consciously fall asleep. There I was met with a powerful vision of an extraterrestrial with no mouth. He was ostensibly pointing to a video game arcade. I then woke up from the vision, and was left utterly at a lost for what it meant.

The entity in my vision looked a lot like Starcraft’s “Protoss” race

Certainly, I still find playing video games fun, and was creating my own game at that time. But, for whatever reason, the symbol of the arcade seemed to be pointing to something deeper about me. These visions always appear to be a type of fragmented connection to a more expanded version of myself. As well, likely a communication between the corporeal and the ethereal.

However, glorious and powerful these visions make themselves known to me, they often only appear as a more advanced way of projecting art into my consciousness. They seem to follow the rhythm of my life, so that I always can find the energy to be a vital moving part in the human play (as any creative work often accomplishes). Of course this thing… has a very unique life of its own.

Yet, as I write this, I am left with no new insight. I simply continue to do what I do. Sometimes it takes the form of creative work, and other times it is a deep inner journey into unknown worlds. Knowing that there are others on the same path as me, gives me a great appreciation for my involvement with the human race. And in knowing it is only myself on this very specific personal spiritual path, grants me an undying sense of exaltation. 

Certainly, it does not matter what role we may be currently upholding at the moment. We all serve our purpose in some way or the other, given the infinite spectrum of time. It is always good to know that some work is not for us to take on, and yet in all we do, is a steady gravitation towards a grander purpose. 

So I write this verse:

Bells chiming,
The birds sing an original
And the mystic gazes into the cosmic yew

No one notices the subtle work
Enjoying creations of the world

Greeting all,
Striding across midnight blue

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