The Vegan Prime Directive

I was driving home from work when I started to imagine myself writing this article. I instantly saw a purple and red light flash briefly before my eyes and entered my body. It felt warm-cold and was as though I was before a small hearth of pleasure.

Then a possum of some kind, started to cross the road. I instantly snapped back to reality and swerved to the left, in order to avoid the accidental slaying of a meek creature.

I suppose the idea of ending all suffering is a lofty goal. We must consume life in order to live through life, and yet that idea can always change. Mere words on a canvas to those that have gone an entire lifetime by only eating plants.

There is evidence that Jesus Christ (historically named Yeshua Bens Josef) may have been vegan during the more talked about portions of his life. As well as Pythagoras (ancient greek philosopher), and Rumi (ancient sufi mystic).

And so is Russel Brand. Who kinda looks like Jesus. Which is cool. Because he says cool things. Kinda like Jesus, but then followers made him very uncool. Unless you are extremely for capitalism. In which case, it seems boring and dumb. Possibly even stupid or weak. Read on!

When we cut down the plants, do they feel pain? Probably so. But, they don’t seem to be capable of showing it. They likely don’t need to. Their consciousness is so limited, they probably have transmuted the whole experience of pain by the time the blade has left the leaf.

But, an animal? They are like us. A full nervous system, a digestive tract. Desires for food, desires to move around and to play. As such, they feel an intense pain. Probably not as long and as intense as we can feel, but enough that only the more sensitive humans will pick up on it, and begin to think about the possibility that they could act in a higher and more integral way.

The compassion to others is not really the issue though. Because, we only see the product of the animal and not the pain of the imprisonment they go through. Instead, it is easier to see the pain we go through when we consume anything that isn’t plants. Plants are now gaining and overwhelming scientific popularity for being the greatest healers to the body and mind. Yet, the question is always up to your desires, your state of being and your readiness to become more sensitive to these matters.

Or to at least have an immune system that be healthy as fuck.


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