Reality Is Subjective

Art by Corinne Reid

In a circle, gathered around the projection of light— each individual sees a slightly different image. Each individual notices a small shimmer, that no one else can see.

In this way, reality is constructed from a fundamental level. It is a reality that is entirely subjective. Meaning that it is dependent solely on the experience of the individual. Facts do not inherently exist.

Many people will see this idea as a negative. To them, there is only one objective truth in existence, and that truth cannot be challenged as a falsehood. But, what is true and what is false, is a creation in our own mind. It can only be discerned through what we perceive as true, and what we perceive as false.

This can be explained logically as the physical and meta-physical way, that all reality operates. First, because you exist as consciousness. Nothing comes before this. You will see the logic in the statement “You are consciousness”. Your body, your memories, your thoughts, your home, your family and friends all exist in your consciousness (and as your consciousness). Not the other way around.

Logic always places first things first. There is never a thing you will find that comes before your own consciousness. Some may point out, that there was a universe (or nothing) before they were born, but this is also an assumption. The subjective existence is eternal. You did not come into consciousness, as most would believe— from some object (or nothing realm) that is separate from your own self. You came out of the consciousness that was already present, as a limited human form, with memories, thoughts, a body, etc.

Hence, why nothingness does not exist in isolation as some type of eternal state. “Nothing” is simply a concept. A concept that can’t be defined without the concept of “something”. They go together, like a window or an empty glass, or the space between atoms. There has to be nothing in order for there to be something, and something in order for there to be nothing. Otherwise, existence wouldn’t be a possibility. Which we know, is not the case.

So every piece of information, every belief, insight, thought, calculation, and object before us, is a creation of your consciousness. A consciousness, that happens to be aware of other consciousness. Each simultaneously experiencing the reality of their creation. This cross-section is known as a co-creation of reality. From which commonalities are woven into the fabric of an assumed limited reality. A reality of which, is only limited by one’s belief of how it is likely to operate. Defying the laws of physics is as simple as understanding the subjectivity of all experience.

This is not to say that we need to be influenced purely by our bias. Nor, is it suggesting that we cannot hold individuals responsible for creating a distorted reality of deception and negativity. It actually places more emphasis on finding the truth. Because “the truth” is but, one way of perception that may or may not be the most effective path towards a preferable existence. We can only look to ourselves for the answers to our problems. Because only the one known as “I” (in this case that is you) can perceive what is being discussed. There is no objective entity external to yourself, that can think for you. And no entity, external to yourself, that can sense the world— and make sense of the world, for you. Objectively speaking, this is how reality functions. There is no objectivity unless you know the subjectivity of it all.

In this way, we all have something to add to the tapestry of life. Each human contains energy of experience that no other human has. Within every individual is a unique strand of creativity that can only reflect to everyone else, what can be utilized towards joy, strength, love, peace, excitement, progress, and which aspects reflected, cannot.

Thus, why there is no reason to be upset by how anyone perceives life, if they can show you which actions to take towards higher ideals. All the more, if it is understood that they are merely reflecting the reality of which they find themselves within. A reality with its own internal logic and definitions, like your own. Such as those sitting around the projected image of light— each individual with a piece of the puzzle. A perspective of the image that no one else has. And if we can figure out a way to communicate to each other on this level, we will be met with a profound sense of unity.

In this idea, is but one path to end our suffering. From which, we can find a path of true equanimity within ourselves and each other.

I wrote some articles awhile ago that expand this concept further:

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