XX: 2/15/2022: Reality Cannot Be Censored

XIX: 2/5/2022: Energy From the Astral to the Material

XVIII: 1/5/2022: Finding the “Greater Light”

XVII: 1/2/2022: Upholding the Dignity of the Human Spirit

XVI: 12/29/2021: The Kraken In the Darkest Depths of the Soul

XV: 12/25/2021: Let’s Play, And the Paradox of Conscious Gaming

XIV: 12/23/2021: Language As The Barrier, Language As The Way

XIII: 12/21/2021: Being One’s Own Self

XII: 11/29/2021: The Great Work

XI: 11/21/2021: Veils Of Virtual Reality

X: 11/15/2021: Ascension Over Transhumanism

IX: 11/13/2021: Enlightenment: A Constant State of Being

VIII: 11/12/2021: The Splitting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge

VII: 11/11/2021: Finding True Bliss Or Hooking Back Into the Matrix

VI 11/10/2021: Tears To Cleanse, Expressing the Inexpressible

V: 11/6/2021: The Slow Build Up To the Mystical Eschaton

IV: 11/5/2021: Bamboozled By Yourself, Enlightened By Yourself

III: 11/2/2021: Leaping Across the Abyss In a Single Bound

II: 11/1/2021: The Shadow Self, Beyond Good and Evil

I: 10/31/21: To Meet the Golden Phoenix, First You Must Die!