Language As The Barrier. Language As The Way.

I always attempt to do my best when I communicate to other people about any idea or situation. Talking, for me, therefore comes with a high level of difficulty attached. Because, the great majority of individuals are identified with the way they have defined their world through the various terminology that channels unique emotional charges, dependent on who is translating the words.

This can lead to misunderstanding, anger, guilt or any number of negative situations for the individual I happen to be talking to, that need not occur within a direct communication. The fun of it is always seeing how certain words effect the state of mind of the person I am talking to, so that I can refine the words into a more conducive communication. I have a strong desire to be more holistic and perceptive towards everyone I meet.

Since language is the defining factor in the direction of our personal views of reality. Communication of words can lead one into a greater realization of the self and the world around them. However, it can never reveal the entire picture from the most holistic perspective. Language can only point to various truths like a finger pointing to the moon. This makes it a quite cumbersome tool of informing our fellow human friends.

Most individuals I speak to have a sense of the world in an “objectively truthful” way. That is to say, there is one way to look at it, and it happens to be the exact way that the person in question, is viewing it. For me, I know that the universe exists in this format as well, and also in every objective format that is viewed by any other. In other words, it can be talked about in a completely subjective manner. Yet, this is tricky because the subject (which is always whomever is perceiving) can be spoken about in myriads of contexts both subjective and objective.

If you trailed off the words now, that is completely alright. The idea is that words are very limited because they divide the holistic universe into fragments, and fragments cannot be spoken about by themselves alone. The challenge lies in joining the fragments in such a way that they make sense to someone who is only viewing a partial set of the universe.

This can prove to be an enormous undertaking. Because language follows itself in a linear fashion. One sentence has to follow the other. Of course, quite obvious, but understanding that logic exists doesn’t create the effect of greater knowledge in every individual. That is not to say that these individuals are not being logical, it is that they have to integrate their knowledge with a greater one. And as the universe has many facets (as many as there are people in fact) to speak of one idea at a time, can cause someone to assume nothing of what is being said, because what is being said is always only partial, at any given time.

To see the universe from every side, takes a mind that can remain neutral, undisturbed, and open to what is being said. For most, I have seen minds that are emotionally charged, constantly busy in thought, and closed to any idea that appears to say something different to what they have already known. It is the shadow, or the ego that identifies their opinions and beliefs as being a part of their true self. This means that the energy of life within the individual can be disturbed by mere words alone.

From the highest perspective, opinions do not exist. For when one is in a certain state (as can happen in meditation or any other non-normal consciousness) they are focused on the perception of their true self. But, in the waking realm of our current society, opinions are very much a part of our daily living and the way we often communicate. These various opinions create conflict against each other because they set up one side as being right and one side as being wrong. But, in truth, nothing is right or wrong. Which means everything is fundamentally neutral.

Yet, obviously this is an opinion as well. A subject with its own built-in logic from a more expanded standing. It too must be integrated with the greater whole or it can lead to conflict with the lesser fragments of individual perspectives. For very well, it is good to know that certain actions are more correct to follow then others when speaking about respecting an individual’s free will. Words are very limiting here. And the fact that individuals can define the words in differing ways, through the emotional charge of their past history of understanding any specific terminology, it creates more filters that must be bypassed before a purer energy enters the consciousness of humanity.

What is the nature of this purer energy? This purer form of communication? At what point does the word “pure” find itself as pure? For many can use the words, and make it mean the opposite by allowing it to be identified with a limiting definition.

I don’t yet know how to fully transmit words in such a pure way. My writing is a constant endeavor in figuring this out. Words are replaceable, interchangeable, and malleable as any painting or sculpture. The way they are used can enlighten as well as harm.

The writer James Joyce, wrote a book called “Finnegans Wake” that featured idiosyncratic language. This is language that might as well be gibberish containing words that are a hundred letters long. It is something that has to be deciphered only by the one who is reading. Many have presumed that this was a technique into simulating the state of a dream or sleep.

Then there is the idea of E-Prime, which is a more structured way to upgrade language into a more pure experience. Within E-Prime the speaker simply refrains from using any form of “to be”. This way of speaking is more accurate to the subjective nature of the greater reality. A statement of “Finnegans Wake is a good book”, for example, would be said as “Finnegans Wake felt like a good book to me”. This leaves out any confusion that we live in a universe dictated by a singular opinion or view.

Still further, we find Egyptian hieroglyphs. These are symbols and pictures that were arranged in differing ways to provide a multitude of meanings. If an image is worth a thousand words, then perhaps these glyphs gave a more meaningful transmission of knowledge for they could reveal more information at once to those who gazed their eyes upon the layered symbolism that was being conveyed.

It does appear that we need more ways to further enhance the way we communicate. It is far too often that we stumble around in the darkness of conversation and get confused by the limiting factors of our language. For those who have entered other dimensions of consciousness, our language feels as though it has little to no place.

I have been in many scenarios of higher beings giving me single words in telepathic ways, in order to relay a more expanded reality to me. Every time this occurs, it feels as though I am not being given enough information (probably because it is a message that gets translated into the limited language that I understand). I recall one time being in a very altered state of consciousness where I would even see words written on the walls, constantly changing and moving as to not become static like the words written within our books (or internet articles!).

However, we can find ourselves in even deeper states of mind where holographic forms are shown to us in multidimensional beauty and geometric perfection. Where entities can communicate with music and various other sensations of light, sound and vibration. It is at this level that a more fulfilling communion can occur. Language is dropped for a greater action of description and being.

Chuang Tzu once wrote, “A fish-trap is for catching fish; once you’ve caught the fish, you can forget about the trap. A rabbit-snare is for catching rabbits; once you’ve caught the rabbit, you can forget about the snare. Words are for catching ideas; once you’ve caught the idea, you can forget about the words. Where can I find a person who knows how to forget about words so that I can have a few words with them?”

A type of complicit mutual understanding is required for true communication to take place. At that point, a higher dialogue can be had between any number of individuals. Conflict would cease over night and anger would be a thing of the past. Perhaps, we will continue our endeavor in enlightenment by sending mind transmissions of fantastic colors and sounds, giving a more blissful character to each unification we experience. This would be a far cry from where we find ourselves now.

I trust that the words I send have given you some sense of enlightenment as you continue your spiritual endeavor. While, the limitations of language can be revealed to you, so to can their usefulness. I have found that when I take a step back from my interactions with people and leave some room for spaciousness inbetween the dialogue; intuition can fill the gap of what needs to be said to others in the exact moment it is said. Or, if I can’t find the words to say, simply positively reinforcing their reality can be useful in giving someone the unconditional love for their perceived identity, that is not always readily given out by others in their life.

Always know that your words have a magical property infused in their essence and can lead anyone to a greater understanding of wisdom, love and ultimately the signature energy of bliss that goes beyond the words that are being stated. In this, we can all streamline our efforts and find the consecrated ground of which words can be forgotten for something much better.

And if you are like me, it is good to know that being improper or energetically unstable in your communication is alright too. This is the growth of the constant learning process. And our growth and process has to be seen by others, so that they are given the reflection of how to not be.

Our words can be fierce as a golden dragon, passionate as a burning phoenix, calm as an ancient turtle, or as light and humorous as a jester. Whatever the situation calls for in the moment according to our presence of mind within that moment. Forgetting the words, our energy will ultimately be the lantern that shines the way home to a way more awesome state of consciousness for all.

Never forget these words, because you never know when you will need to find them useless.

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