A Future Spiritual-Journey-Supreme

A powerful thought keeps entering my mind, and it seems nearly impossible for me to extinguish.

I previously wrote an article about the unlimited nature of human potential:

The Human Potential Is Unbelievable

The idea is that once we begin to look at what consciousness really is, any number of seemingly “supernatural” phenomena, that we use to believe to be impossible, can begin to be seen as real as any concrete block on the side of a street.

Just like how in a dream or virtual reality space, we may be able to fly or conjure up objects out of thin air. So too— the probability arises in our waking reality. However, the confines of our current assumptions of reality actually make that probability null. As a mystical philosopher would point out, All is the mind. What we assume is real, is real. Everything we assume is unreal, remains unreal.

Therefore if you know that all of this is nonsense, then you are right. What could I possibly say to change your mind? The probability is zero.

In our fictional realms, we enjoy the idea that humanity can do the impossible. Magic, Psychic and Super powers all combine to excite our imagination usually towards the advancement of our technology. Few know, that external technology is only one expression of consciousness.
This Realization

In philosophy, we can explore the idea that our dreaming world is very similar to the waking world. While perhaps our dreams are more chaotic and non-linear than our real life, it still seems to do a pretty good job in convincing us that we are utterly conscious, and that everything is as it should be. Depending on how much awareness you have that you are dreaming, a commensurate amount of realness is appropriated to all dream situations.

And when we look at our waking world, it is all the same! It makes us feel as though everything is as it should be, and whatever is happening is what is supposed to happen. The pain you feel or the love you feel in a dream world to the real world, only contains a minutia of nuance. If you believe that you are carrying a rock within a dream, and you don’t have the lucidity to just telepathically move the rock with the power of your mind, then you will have to feel the full weight of dense, material, and very real objective experience of carrying a heavy rock. This all the same within the real world.

This basic insight into our consciousness can explain every seemingly “paranormal” phenomena, that the rational mind cannot find a satisfying scientific explanation for. For, of course, we can always blame our mind as being too “hazy” to discern real from unreal, but 👏 all 👏 the 👏 same…
Our mind is still making both determinations through the construct of its own machinations.

Breaking Free

While as a child, I liked to play various games or watch media that contained the ideas of casting magic, of flying, shapeshifting, or being heroic in some way. I was extremely depressed to find out that none of it appeared to be real in my reality. After reading books from Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens (who I see as being only half-skeptical about reality) I became convinced that nothing outside the mundane realm was possible.

However, soon I was heralded into a greater dimension by listening to the words of Alan Watts. This spiritual wisdom eventually lead me to a number of people who all claimed to experience some kind of psychic phenomena. As well, as even showing evidence for it within scientific scenarios (as scientific as you can get within a subjective paradigm, I suppose). Further down the line though, was stories and examples of even more unbelievable abilities. Many of which, I began experiencing myself — as my reality began to breakdown and the mystic realm opened up. I would receive visions of dimensional beings in my meditation, begin to astral project, and receive telepathic thoughts and exceedingly interesting synchronicities and intuition. I began to realize that all of this stuff was actually quite real. Certainly, some of the people who wrote these fictional worlds, probably also had similar experiences, and thus were able to transmit their stories in the only way they thought people would be able to take it in, and enjoy it without disgust.

Eventually, after balancing all these new mystical experiences I was having, I read a book titled “Life and Teaching of The Masters Of The Far East” along with “Beyond the Himalayas” and the Autobiography of Yogananda. Each book described multiple stories of people doing extraordinary feats. Telepathic communication, knowing the future, levitating, or appearing to manifest objects out of thin air. Yet, these books were not of fiction, but actual accounts of people who didn’t seem to be hoodwinking an audience for money. These kinds of stories fascinated me to a place of overwhelming excitement. I started to think of how cool it would be to actually meet someone who had this type of mastery over the physical realm. To me, it was no longer a fairy tale, told by our fictional books or movies. It was a reality in of itself.

Many con artists exist in this world, but equally do sincere people who have seen the unbelievable. If you saw something that everyone believed to be impossible, how would you go about telling anyone without their doubt? Would they not rather try to convince you of your delusion? Would they not rather question your motive as greed and deception, instead of facing the possibility? In the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, Paramahansa Yogananda tells fantastical tales of manifestation, teleportation, prophecy and telepathy, with seemingly no hidden agenda — yet the choice to transcend one’s fear of being ridiculed for being “wrong” or “pollyanna” has always remained an aspect of what we deem real or not.

A Future Journey?

Though like everyone, I desire to live the good life. Right now I am working a job that is certainly serving people in some way, but is likely not something I would desire to do forever. While I strive for some kind of independent income and freedom to do more of what I please, I keep wondering if I am even meant to accomplish such an outlandish endeavor. For certainly, it seems like an insane number of people are also, and have been currently attempting to do the same thing in their own life. A constant pressure to make money to thrive instead of simply survive in a system that doesn’t treat them with very much respect.

To be successful in acquiring an independent income by writing, podcasting, livestreaming, game design or whatever, it would mean two things:

1. I get really lucky and the universe gifts my positive attitude and action over time


2. We have to collectively decide for a better system

Unfortunately, I don’t see option 2 as happening anytime soon. This would mean that I would eventually lose all desire for any material striving at all. What then?

This is where most people usually take their “spiritual journey” to some sacred mountain or something, in order to gain knowledge and obtain some kind of “enlightenment”.

Certainly, some kind of shift in perception towards a purely (if I can be dualistic here) “positive” end of the spectrum seems more preferable than achieving occult powers. Yet, it is not something that has to be seen as a separate endeavor. Consciousness can easily expand towards both endeavors simultaneously.

So I have it in my head that a journey to Tibet is very probable for me, in the distant future. Perhaps, I would be able to record my progress and share it online. I don’t know if this is a vain desire or not, but it seems an inevitable outcropping of all my attitudes towards life.

Though it feels like an insane thing to want this, at the same time, it is a rather insane thing to want the boring alternative. And at the same stroke of the keyboard, I have to know that meeting some kind of ascended master type figure who could teach me how to heal wounds and levitate, would probably be as likely as somehow becoming a famous live-streamer on twitch. It will probably entail more suffering than my deluded self imagines it would be, injected with all the wonder of youth in fictional tales of heroes, dragons, faeries and magic.

This being so, I still write this. The obstacle before me, is the skepticism of the entire world, to do the impossible.

Since this is the case, in my mind as of now. Why not go for something that seems more in reach? This future journey might be so, and it might not. But, what I do know is that I desire to be some kind of semi-popular podcaster, livestreamer, writer, or indie game designer. I would like to have an independent income and live in a more desirable way. Yet, the skepticism of the world is just as heavy! And this is something we know, without a shadow of a doubt, is very possible!

So, I continue as I am. I do what I believe to be the most interesting thing to do in any given moment. Exhausting all my resources, I will be lead to the path that was tailored for me. Perhaps, you can say it is the same for you? Perhaps, all it takes is just a little effort towards that goal everyday. The great abyss of fear, doubt, and skepticism to a greater expansion of consciousness, does not necessarily have be followed through in one great leap.

Knowing that there are greater achievements to be had in this reality does let your spirit attune to something important. That importance can be summed up with a message:

“Well, if they can do THAT in such a limited realm, and I look at what I attempt to do now? That is easy.”

Discern your tastes
Conflate everything
Now nothing
Seems too impossible


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