The Irresistible Allure Of The Fantasy Realm

The projection of our imagination into our art, often enriches the quality of our lives. Mainly, because of how we normally live our life. We are often restrained by limitations found within a 9-5 work week, that demands are constant attention and local residency. Our travel to other places is often difficult to plan for (if we have the resources to do so) and even if it is not, we find ourselves at a location that is rather similar to where we left.

It seems as though, when we play a video game or watch a good movie; we can easily be captivated by the surreal adventure and artificial beauty that we can assume as a potential reality in some other alien world, or in some slightly shifted dimension. This type of fantasy adventure feels positively liberating compared to the sludge of our seemingly mechanical way of life, as it usually plays out.

Our entertainment does a beautiful job in capturing what it would be like to live in an existence that was designed for adventure. Such as in Pokemon, where the protagonist travels across the land, finding new types of creatures and interacting with helpful friends. Star Trek, where new life is encountered, understood, and explored routinely. Or Lord of Rings, where mystery is beholden, and magic is revealed on a daily basis.

It is this way we are trapped into thinking that these kinds of experiences are not possible in the world we live today. Adventure can, of course, be had in our world. But, so much easier (and perhaps even more fun at times) is jumping into the artificial media we have created for ourselves to enjoy. The way our society is structured towards a constant need for productivity, doesn’t allow much space for an individual to explore something varied and new. Most of what we are put through is a long series of regulations, paperwork, and rules that only further increase our ubiquitous banality. These fantasy realms give us an outlet to express something very unique within us. And as said anonymously before, “In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.” Unless we find a way to connect with something greater than ourselves.

No matter what our life may look like at the moment, it is always possible to find something more. With the advent of our internet age, many people have gained access to information that has helped them begin to explore their inner world and the psychic realm. This all seems to be leading into some type of open contact with extraterrestrial races.

If UFO are confirmed to not be from this world, that means faster than light travel is possible. What other technology and insights into reality will ET be able to reveal to us?

This possibility still feels very much in the realm of fantasy, despite the growing evidence of ET contact. The sense of adventure here, however— feels like something that has a definite possibility of occurring within our lifetime. It is much more real than any other fantasy we have ever imagined before. This is where our dream creations could become a reality. The mere idea, is exhilarating to consider, as it could be the end of the boring ways our society has regularly functioned, into one where travel around our world can happen in a snap. And just as easily, traveling to worlds we could only visit in our dreams.

Yet, it is only in our dreams where we can get a glimpse of this type of reality. For me, I have had dreams where I am in vast luminous fields, as far as the eye could see. I found trees that seem to glow a radiant dark blue light in the night, with fire-fly like spirits that sparkle around it. I have been in dreams of being on fantastically aesthetic spaceships, interacting with all types of chromatic phenomena and ecstatic wonders. Every night I hope to have a dream that reveals that reality to me, more and more. But, just like our ability to see new lands in our Earthly dimension, it is does not come often.

Believe it or not, in channeled material, they say, that these dream realities are actually where ET consciousness can best interact with us. It is in these spaces (when our brain is operating on a theta type frequency) that the blending of our realities is occurring. To bring down the blissful high vibratory resonance of their existence, with the usual low vibratory anxiety of our own. They continually communicate to us, that adventure is indeed coming.

I trust one day we will reach a world where the lines of fantasy and reality blend together. Where we will no longer need anything fictional to bypass what we already know to be true for our own world. It will be awhile, but we can accelerate that process by allowing ourselves to be more loving in the world we live in now. Perhaps, that is the true advent of our society as it exists today. To construct and create things of holistic value, while loving as much as we can. So that when open contact finally does arrive, we will have already created a society that has no need for fantasy. Since everyday has already become an adventure for us. So I write this verse:

In a society that has destroyed all adventure,
The only adventure left…
Is to begin loving everything,
And create a society of adventure.

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