Expressing More Confidence

Confidence is something that is very challenging to hold onto. Especially, when we make numerous daily mistakes, or small errors in our judgement. Those small errors seem to always build up into a personality that no longer desires to express itself within its full spectrum. However, there are a few insights and tricks that will help you better understand the nature of increased confidence.

Countering Low Confidence Through Action

As mentioned earlier, low confidence is usually caused by either our lack of experience, or our past experience of repeated mistakes. This feeling of lack within ourselves, usually holds us back from trying new things or expressing our views. In this case, the only way out is through. We have to look at our mistakes as part and parcel within the process of confidence. Who can blame anyone for not knowing something they don’t know? In this way, you are totally free to express how you like, and when you are corrected — it is a good thing! As now your knowledge base has expanded and your confidence has increased.

As an example, Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb… sorta) attempted to create a light bulb nearly 1,000 times before he got his version to work correctly. There are many other such examples of failure eventually leading to success over a long period of time. The key is to never give into doubt that you are incapable of succeeding on a path no matter if you failed 100,000 times! The desired results can only come from a constant optimistic attitude about yourself as an individual, and some kind of sense of who you would like to be.

Countering Low Confidence Through Belief

Being grounded and realistic about your abilities is very intelligent, but there is never a need to become doubtful that you will never be able to advance any further, than the plateau you stand upon. All it takes is a simple belief that you be anyway you desire to be.

You may think that I don’t know you, that you are different from everyone else and your abilities are not capable of great feats. However, this is a belief in your mind. That belief is manifested through your past experiences. But, these past experiences are all necessary for growth. Again, who can blame anyone for using all their sense facilities for action, that results in a less than desirable situation? These sense perceptions just so happens to be what the consciousness decided to produce, and so in a quite formal sense, that production was perfect unto what was possible for that consciousness, at the time, to produce. This is because, we can never excel more than what we know how to do, in any given moment!

The key is to keep this in mind anytime we voice an opinion or enact an action that gets shut down as wrong or foolish. Of course, it is wrong and foolish. But, this is how it must be! I cannot be anyone else until I learn how to do so. And learning can only come through action. The desire for action can only arise, if you have the belief that it would be fun to continue to do what you like doing. And that belief comes from basically nothing at all. It is only a choice within your mind. There is no amount of past experience or lack of knowledge that can sway that decision, because you know that those experiences are not the result of you as an individual but, an inevitable indicator of your improvement as an individual. Only in experience can we learn!

In such a way we can create confidence in ourselves. Knowing full well, that the confidence is fabricated, we will never be at a loss when we fail; because that is the point of our experience anyways. To explore ourselves through conversation, to act on whatever suits our desires in the given moment, and of course, having the confidence to rest, relax, and meditate to remind ourselves that there is never any pressure for us to do anything at all. 😊

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