The Electric Walk

During the week… I work, and when I have free time I find myself working some more — usually on various projects to help provide me an independent income for the future. It is effort I do alone, and for myself, though I entrust myself to not get carried away and always keep in mind the striving of others. By the good grace of others my cup will be filled, and then I may begin to effortlessly pour it to those that need their own cup filled.

Sunday seems to be the best day for me to rest from all my work. I suppose that is synchronsitic because it is sometimes referred to as “the day of rest”.

During this day, I find myself wandering aimlessly at my mall in meditation. Listening to music and being free to be no one. I like just looking at stuff and people, while having no desire to do anything in particular.

I find this state of being to be ideal. My nervous system is always ecstatic, my body; comfortable and aloof. Deciding that I had nothing to concern myself with, I was able to have sensations that are usually reserved for those on entheogens or in some kind of purity cleansing such as sadhana.

Usually, the mind is in a constant state of thought. It is rare to circumvent the energy of thought to anything other than thought, because of society’s tendency to over-emphasize the utilization of it. Thus, our other senses are dulled and weakened as a result. Our awareness dims and our intuition and decision making abilities ironically falter as a result of overthought.

However, on this day, my mind and body were in harmony. Since I endeavor to meditate at all times of the day (even if I do not make any progress), it allowed me to stay very centered as I had no particular task at hand. The energy usually expended upon trivial thoughts (the majority of which are repeated throughout the day) had instead been allotted to other sensitive areas of consciousness. This energy then looped upon itself to create a type of bliss that is amazing to experience, and is likely what humanity is always supposed to be experiencing all the time.

Our thoughts often lead to a negative stream that hinders this state of being. This creates dissatisfaction, which can lead to frustration and the source of all woe in our world becomes an obvious observation from here.

My endeavor at the moment, is to find a way to embody this state of being at any time. While I work, while I am gaming or even while talking to others. It seems to be in the way we proceed in life, that determines what our state of being will involve. Having no particular objective in the world, is easily how one can find a way to always feel the soft, cozy, electric charge of a consciousness that is acutely aware of everything around it. And yet, paradoxically, an objective is still good to keep attention towards.

I see it as a light balance between the dimension of carefree play and the dimension of constructive endeavor. Each realm helping the other create more joy for you, so that it can spill to others.

Let me expound in detail with this verse:

A light touch
A focused mind —it becomes automatic

They say effort is needed
Yet, the word is overplayed

Simply become aware of the energy behind the thought
And like so, you are ecstatic


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