Emulating A Master

One day I was riding my bike while listening to a certain spiritual audio book. The book’s content was the usual uplifting message I have heard in many other places. The idea is that we are all essentially Gods as consciousness, and that nothing is actually impossible in our seemingly limited creation of reality.

It reminded me of a particular practice that one can undergo for themselves. The idea is to simply adopt the state of being that you imagine a spiritual master would have as their own. Thus, you assume your role as someone who is completely blissed out and supremely enlightened.

As I began doing this, my life-blood felt empowered. I was like a lightning rod ready to take on a billion volts of electricity. I happened to be enjoying my day, riding my bike to my favorite restaurant and listening to music at the same time. The experience was perfectly blissful, yet I found that I was thinking of trivial matters. In my mind’s eye, a spiritual master would probably only have the highest thoughts in their purview or none at all. Still I continued to assume that I was like the ascended ones. Glorious and perfect (since I was already consciousness).

While riding my bike back home — I started to think much more on trivial matters. So much so, that I began thinking negatively. My eyes veered off aimlessly to some building in the distance as I quickly snapped back to reality by hitting some kind of power line pole. I hit my leg pretty hard, and it was a bit bruised, but I was alright. I began laughing at the experience. I actually did not think it was negative at all. Yet, the pain was quite real. I learned something very important about all of this.

Certainly, it seems that if one wants to call in this energy, they had better be ready, because it is bound to pit you against the hardships of your own mind, that often displaces itself as other people or things. Having explored and tested this maze once before, I realized all the extreme pleasures and pains that went with the whole belief system.

While assuming this kind of attitude, it is so easy to begin thinking that you know more than you actually do which can easily alienate people with your delusions of grandeur as you become more arrogant in your exact way of life. Yet, the other side to this, is that you may find yourself actually taming horrible habits that disempower you or others, which make us assume we are more limited than we actually are. Along these lines, you may find that reality isn’t always what others say about you, or your accomplishments, but a simple state of mind. Nevertheless, the stakes are high and you will be constantly challenged as being inauthentic and disconnected from the world.

It is an utterly crazy idea to test out for yourself! Yet, if we don’t test it, we will never know if it truly can assist us in our life or not. To assume the role of the master, would mean that no matter the circumstance (ANY circumstance) you never become bummed out as a result.

Though much more has to be said about this! For now, it has to remain as just a glimpse. As I start pondering to myself, whether or not to take a deeper dive into the realm of mad gods or quite possibly enlightened masters. I just have to assume, for now, that a balance of attitude is the safest path to mastery. But, until I see it through and through, I will never know if it is just a way to gloss over a path to mediocrity. For every mistake is recorded. And even masters like Jesus or the Buddha, have had their own.


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