Western And Eastern Mastery

The west and east. Is there a west? Is there an east? In this day, the integration of our cultures have made this distinction less pronounced and yet there is still something unique about the two cultures that can be highlighted in this article.

Let me take an example from just two countries, one of the west: America, and one of the east: India.

These two countries have historically had different philosophies from their inception. America is a very new nation, relatively speaking, that prides itself more on their usage of thought and being the first nation to invent so many new technologies. With this comes a certain type of mindset. It seems we value our work more than our leisure and we value thought over non-thought. Our work seems to be in developing better and better technology so that we can see ourselves as the pinnacle of conscious effort. In this country there is a mastery over thought with great people that have advanced science, probably in part due to the influence of hermetic thought which activated the consciousness of certain laws within the physical world. And as such, we have found ways to manipulate matter through conceptual thought, planning and concentrated action.

However, if we look to India we can see an entirely different philosophy within its midsts. This culture is built on a science of non-thought that explores the realm within the sensations of the body and the quietness of mind, as opposed to the rampant activity of the western mind. In India, it is common for people to leave all forms of thought-related study to focus on non-thought and the nature of reality, in hopes that they will be able to solve their suffering once and for all. It is only in this realm, that anyone has any hope of achieving miraculous activity through their body alone. In India, there have been the most reports of supernatural powers being exhibited, such as levitation, instant materialization, teleportation, shapeshifting, and telepathy. But, what use it telepathy when one can just send an e-mail? And do you have any idea how challenging it is to teach telepathy to people?

Thus the possible emergence of two perspectives, one that values external technology and one that values the internal technology. Right now, the external technology is the only way the majority of us know how to interact with existence. It seems like the best option and our only way to create more fairness with each other.

However, who is to say that the external technology is a better focus just because we believe it is easier for our minds to accomplish? Very well, our activity of thought could be making it much harder for us to accomplish. Spending hours of arduous labor in construction and deconstruction of material, studying for hours by jumping through barriers of headache after headache because we see our external technology as the only way to our salvation.

Perhaps, there are those that are willing to teach the inner technology to us, but we are barred from access because our society as a whole, does not believe it as a possibility. If this is so, we could be missing out on a whole lot of fun stuff. Of course, with the development of the “neural link” and the idea of integrating our body with technology, it seems likely that many people will choose the more mediocre path, just so that they can send an e-mail to anyone quicker. Is it worth it to develop all this technology if we could instead develop schools to teach an easier way of living?

For now I put these ideas out for you to consider. For life is a subjective affair and it is best if nothing is seen as “higher” or “lower”. There is only preference of how we choose to perceive ourselves as human beings. But, coming very soon, will be a choice. And in that choice, every individual will make a decision that will lock themselves out of a particular expanded reality for a very, very long time. And so if they choose to stay in a fundamental type of materialist belief, they will never achieve anymore than what exists before them.

A final note: All technology we have created is here to stay. Though some individuals may achieve great feats, even the mediocre has its place. “Locking out” of a reality? Or locking in to just more experience at your own pace? Again, it is all relative and all has its place.


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