A Revolution In Consciousness

At the time of this writing, midterm elections are currently taking place in America. For me, I have always seen the ritual, of voting for representation, as an unusual event that creates division amongst us — akin to having a favorite sports team that we assume allegiance to, yet on a much more dangerous level. Our loyalty towards specific parties routinely places our ideology above common sense allowance of free will, and legitimizes a system that gives power to individuals who authorize rules that are backed up with violence or threats of violence.

I first wrote about my experiences with this here:

Leaping Across The Abyss In A Single Bound

Now, once again, we can revisit the idea. Forgive me if it sounds too radical or lofty. I am only highlighting an expanded perspective, and in no way does anyone have to feel guilty by their current perceptions of our reality.

My perspective of this situation is sourced from the higher principle of respecting natural law. Natural law is simply a term I sometimes use to express the allowance of each individual’s free will. ‘Free will’ is simply each individual upholding the inherent integrity of everyone (including themselves). This is granted, as a matter of course, for any sentience that considers themselves “highly evolved”, though truly there is no higher or lower, only a harmony of growth in experience.

Currently, the integrity of each individual is held down by our various beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. In this, we have fragmented ourselves by controlling free will with laws that punish anyone perceived to be doing ‘wrong’, using threats of violence and have created a system of money that punishes anyone who does not want to participate in the collective belief of what is ‘right’. Thus, the belief of what is ‘right’ is the unquestioning participation within society and the belief of what is ‘wrong’ is whomever happens to hold the illusion of perceived power.

But, if we look at our society, it has always routinely exploited free will, by forcing the individual to work so that they can afford the basic essentials to life: such as shelter, food and utilities. There is no free will say in the matter, it is forced upon everyone in the society. Society, as it stands now, destroys the environment with pollution, destroys health with profit-motive, destroys safety with war, and generally creates trauma for those who are enslaved by the clock. Society is a negative.

The idea of achieving freedom for all, is corrupted by assuming that we only need to vote to achieve harmony. Since this system is based solely on having another individual ‘represent’ every single vote we could be expressing ourselves. In this way, it seems to inevitably lead those who hold positions of power to abuse the power they have over others. This is a result of our lack of spiritual wisdom.

Our system continues because we continue to participate within it, in the very same way. Though, the fact remains that there is plenty of resources and space for every single individual on planet Earth to have their own house and one acre of land where they could grow their own food. Also, if this house was powered by a type of renewable energy, it would essentially reduce the need for work and money by a massive amount. Eventually, creating no need for it at all, as the new way of things would see no point in continuing the engineering practice of “planned obsolescence”. Wherein, economies would actually “economize” and become more efficient. However, people would still desire to work anyways by building, creating, and helping others to do the same. Our cities would contain huge vertical farms where food is widely available. As well as great works of creative art or entertainment for anyone to enjoy. Yet, the main point, is that everyone could freely choose how they wanted to live their life, so long as they did not harm anyone else by doing so.

But, is this possible for humanity to achieve? The answer is yes or no based upon our level of conscious evolution. Indeed, it is not a political revolution that will solve anything but, a revolution in consciousness. This is because, the higher we climb within the ladder of consciousness, the more integral we become as human beings and the more we are opened to being “cosmically conscious” (also known as “Enlightenment” or “4th-5th-6th density” awareness which sees everything more holistically and not compartmentalized).

Those who “acquire” such a state are in a pureness of nothingness (or Allness) in which their expression has more potential to lead individuals into the process of self-realization. This is a profound shift in any human being, for it is leading them away from the possibility of supporting a structure based on exploitation and control over other’s free will, and definite, in its potential to alleviate the immediate mental suffering around those involved with the individual. Thus, leading more and more towards the potential of self-realization.

Since more of humanity are on the path of realization, there is a greater probability that a movement of affinity will achieve their vision of a more perfect society. By having the consciousness required to repel divisive tactics or deception that mimics the idea of harmony and forgoes the actual results that embodying the enlightened state of being would bring forth.

It is only in this does anything matter. Certainly laws have their effects, but only as beliefs of what is right or wrong within the society. They don’t create the willingness to be more integral in one’s self, because that can only come about through a type of self-realization of the bliss that is sensed in the body. Thus, the laws become redundant only as a symbolic effort to control people. Since controlling individual action leads to division, battles, and conflict among the population, it only creates a negative overall effect that slows down the process of conscious evolution.

Acceleration of conscious evolution can only come about through the allowance of differences in perspective. Up and to the point where one’s own individual free will is being infringed upon, in which case the most peaceful solution is necessary (if one is at a high enough conscious level where that can effortlessly occur).

Hence, I don’t emphasize voting as the solution to our situation. Simultaneously, I do not belittle that effort, for I know it can provide small potential benefits. Such as how one may gain mental benefits in the belief of a savior or the belief in nothingness after death. But again, regardless of those benefits, those beliefs will still limit one’s experience of the more expanded reality. Voting third-party for instance, may prove to be an expansion within one’s own integrity, than voting for one of the two proven-as-corrupt parties. Yet, still has the pitfall of assuming that this authority will make all the changes that we need to make within ourselves. Improvement is better than none, but can we make the greater leap?

This is why it only needs to be glimpsed, that more conscious awareness is needed to create real positive change. In this, it would not matter who was in “power” because then their integrity would not allow them to abuse it. Though more likely, we would rather find a more cohesive and decentralized way of operating our society. Freeing ourselves from the chains of ideology or “party lines” which cause bias towards the positives of our tribe and ignorance towards the negatives that they may produce — which continues the endless cycle of birth and death, right and wrong, control of free will, and unhappiness for anyone who gets lost in the haze of its ritual abuse. Instead, we would see situations, as they arise, and solve them based solely on what is, without the hindrances of our greed, political beliefs, or negative emotions.

We have to see that even those who claim (or appear to have) Enlightenment may have ended their personal suffering, but may not have necessarily found the most integral way to alleviate the suffering for all involved. Still being caught up by propaganda that masks itself as unity consciousness or being lead astray by assuming that we can change things by enacting politics in the exact same way.

I do not involve myself very much in most mechanisms within society, yet I am aware of what is going on within it. I personally boycott many companies, products, and institutions that negatively impact any sentient life. Still, there is more for me to progress in this way, as ideally, I would eventually free myself from all its negative aspects. This is only the outer circumstances of which flows from my lack of conscious awareness to the simultaneity of my energy with all things in the world. Following this blissful energy and transcending through the pains of anxiety, fear, jealousy, or worry — what problem is there? Not a thing. There is only the spreading of more knowledge to those that are seeped in negative beliefs, ideas of small use, or straight up deception from a shadowy source that fears its own dissolution.


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