Tint Of The Sundew

Art by Susanitah

My dreams currently escape me. I fall asleep and don’t quite remember what has occurred. This is never preferable, because I realize the dream state is often the only adventure we receive in our world. While, it is true that many play video games or watch shows to find the same type of enjoyment, for me, that pales in comparison to what can be experienced during sleep. Sometimes the lucidity of these dreams can become so substantive, that it creates what can only be described as an “astral reality” of amazing detail and energy.

However, this has not been the case for many days. In any case, I have found that the best approach is to not expect any circumstance to occur. In this way, you can never be disappointed by what is.

While writing, I remain in the constant endeavor of following my energy with my awareness. As soon as I focus on thought the awareness is broken up and I lower my vibration as a result. The lowering of my vibration is ‘thought’ using my emotional energy to assume preference where there is none. Often is the case, that my opinions will then possess my body and lead me into feelings of irritation towards whomever, or feelings of sadness that I am not experiencing what I believe I should be. For me, these are extremely short lived feelings, as I recognize them as they arise or at least before they can take any ground within me.

Many call this “light work”, meditation, or awareness and it is indeed the only purpose that I see primarily worth doing. For me, meditation brings about vision upon vision. Lately, I have had visions of circuit-like energy wires connecting and disconnecting. Every time this occurs it feels very good, like a very irritating itch is being scratched or one is taking off a very tight shoe. It is almost as if some kind of energetic “upgrade” or “healing” was taking place, but I am sure these words don’t really explain it. Along with those visions were like downloads of text before my eyes. I would see symbols that seemed like letters (though not quite) arranged across my entire closed-eye perception. After seeing this, I would sense an electric wave reverberate in my head and then flow across the rest of my body. Again, the sensation feels almost like someone cast a spell of healing or boon onto my being.

Within a type of constant meditation, our entire situation can evolve from disharmony to peace. In this, I can sense I am at the brink of becoming fully enlightened (in terms of removing all dissatisfaction). Now, I stopped there. As I was writing the previous line, sensing my bodyI came to another break in my constant awareness. It seemed as though writing the word “enlightened” formed as a barrier in my mind. As I did not want anyone to perceive this as “egotistical”. However, the damage was not done by that word, but by the thought of doubt that interrupted my well being. Had I wrote it without a moment’s hesitation, I would have embodied the enlightenment. You see?

So in this way, time has nothing to do with enlightened insight. However, experience is often needed in order for our consciousness to realize the preference in state of being and then automatically choose it as a continuum. Often times we have to sense the pain that is in our body so that thought has no where to hide its entrapment. That said, there is still nothing wrong, bad, or misguided in thought. Thought will always be present. It is just a matter of transcending its illusion, towards a more instantaneous “higher conscious thought” also known as “non-thought”.

Now you understand one half, let’s get to two-thirds.

Recently, I wrote a book titled “Immunity From All Disease”. A book that was an inevitable outcropping from the 2020 pandemicwhich caused many people to succumb to paranoid ways of living and demand for the bodily control of fellow humans within their community.

I saw that many did not understand the more natural and empowering perspective of our innate immunity, during this confining time, which lead me to write a symposium of the knowledge that is readily available to all (if only one is willing to look). Of course, the challenge in this was knowing that the title of the book would cause anger in most people who saw it. I had no desire for this to be a thorn in the mind of any reader, and yet I knew that it would have to remain that way, as the majority of us are tied into fixed ideas of what health is, while ignoring the more expanded explanation as “too simplistic”.

The mystic version of health is often seen as “magical thinking” and very dangerous for anyone who would “foolishly” believe in its inherent power. This causes people to feel righteously justified in censoring or ridiculing anyone that would suppose we have more subjective power than we usually believe. Going as far now, as to even mandate the way we live our life. In my view, if something has to be forced upon you, it obviously doesn’t have the usefulness it says it does.

There have been many books that explain how a simple faith can heal any ailment, and this can be an irritating thing to read because even a “mustard seed of faith” is not an easy thing to grasp. Nevertheless, it still remains as the defining factor in determining our overall health. Regardless, of whether it seems out of reach or not, if your mind is drowning in stress, fear, and concern — you create disease.

This line of thought has been repeated by the spiritually minded for some time now. Concepts of “quantum physics”, “placebo”, “laying on hands”, or any number of rituals, visualization and meditation techniques have been touted as the best way to heal from any disease. This I found to be true, yet not very probable for people to embody because of the profound shift in consciousness required for it to be possible.

Instead, I decided to integrate our most recent scientific (and yet still unpopular) discoveries with that same mystic vision. In this way, the book actually makes it seem much more likely that someone could rid themselves of any disease, so long as they follow the material principles that are contained within. While health is fundamentally all about our spiritual power, we cannot leave out the contribution our body or mind has on our immune system. Many spiritual books on health leave this out, and many scientific books use incomplete knowledge to only garner a portion of what needs to be enacted upon.

So this book perhaps has the most potential of all my books to lead people towards a more enlightened way of life. I do not know for sure, but I only wish I could have found a title that sounded humble and simultaneously described the gravity of the information that was inside. I could not, so I have to face the consequences of how it will be perceived. This is alright, so long as it remains a thorn in people’s mind! Hahaha! I do not mean it like this!

It is just that our way of life could be so much easier if we had it within ourselves, to be made aware of all things.


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