Spirals Of Life: Why You Never Fall Backwards

Glory Window in the Chapel of Thanksgiving— Amaury Laporte

In between our excitement, peace, or boredom, life on Earth can often feel like an obstacle. Especially, if we assume we have transcended certain aspects of our life, and the same exact situation pops up again, to test our resolve. This can lead many of us to believe that they have backtracked in life, that they have failed or have been left behind in the progress of their personal ascension in consciousness.

None of that can ever be true. Firstly, because you are an eternal being. There is no rush to accomplish anything, because there is no where in particular you are going. Though, if we must give it a direction— that direction is always up. A circle, it does not follow, but instead as an ever-ascending spiral towards a more balanced, loving, and blissful experience.

You will contract and expand. But, never will you fall to such a state, where experience is lost. (Picture is part of my digital art)

Life echoes a rhythm of crests and troughs that always reach to higher, and still higher states of vibration. Just because you may be at a trough, does not mean that you are failing in life. It only means you need time to recollect yourself, consider your self-knowledge, and stay balanced during the process. As well, when we are riding a crest, we cannot expect it will stay that way forever. We can only enjoy it to the degree we remain present.

In this way, we are never spinning our wheels in a vicious circle. Instead, it is a spiral, of which, like the circle, we always swing around to a similar state that we have experienced before, but always on a higher level. Similar to how in a video game we are met with the same exact enemies, we have encountered all the way through the game. Just now, they can shoot fire at you, or some kind of spike is on their head, or something like that! They look the same and yet, they are more of a challenge.

Forgive the video game analogy, but obstacles have to be faced again and again in varying ways. (Image by FreshestJuicebox)

Meeting the same challenge that we have faced before and tripping up at it, is common place and no reason to feel guilty or anguished. This is all part of our growth and process within our unique experience of our personal life. There is never a need to feel ashamed about how we have interacted with the past. In the present moment, we are refreshed of all our previous chains of concern.

Invariably we are learning. Ever do we find the processes that work and are drop what does not. This is Enlightenment and the ascension of consciousness. If it can be obtained in a flash, it will be obtained in a flash. If it cannot, it cannot. What can you do otherwise to change consciousness? The staircase can only be ascended one stride at a time.

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