Sweeping Away The Dust

It is a quiet night as I sit alone in the break room of my work place. It feels good to be the only here, as I can endeavor to deepen my ability to meditate as I work. Like monks who had to clean the floors of a monastery or pull weeds from the garden.

Yet, despite how easy going my job is (and the fact that this place seems to be exactly where I am supposed to be) my mind keeps wandering to other possibilities in life — like a phantom that clings to the weeds.

It feels good serving people as a custodian, as it is ideal “Zen” or spiritual work, and yet my mind always meanders into the bramble and assumes that I could be doing more than what I am doing in the moment. And thus, I start thinking, and thus, my vibration (so to speak) is not the highest it could be.

This is why I continue to write. But, as I write, I can’t expect that anything will land. Perhaps, dear reader, you understand where I am coming from? Though, if you have found the thing you both intensely enjoy and can live by, then it is possible you struggle with the possibility of doing even more, or something more far reaching. In this way, the mind seems to lead us to a lesser vibration within machinations of what could be, instead of seeing why we have chosen where we are at now, and why we don’t need to choose anything different until we know it is time.

So it is like this, something always keeping the most positive state of being at bay. Unless, it is possible otherwise? I write this verse to explain in more detail:

No work, no food
Only work, only suffering

Between the two poles is a medium of thought
If that infinitesimal can be set aside…

Then a glorious and exuberant light will illuminate the whole tide.
Either way! The waves will keep rolling in


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