Unlocking A Quantum Leap In Our Ability To Learn And Create

Any creative process is very difficult to master. We may pick up one or two skills in our life that we hardly assume we have a “mastery” of. It is the case in how our physical reality operates, that a very slow and often addled methodical process, is required to become good at any art. This all too boring process, keeps many away from learning new skills. This is because of the shear amount of effort that is needed to make it any fun.

There are many techniques that can help us learn more efficiently. Unfortunately, these techniques are likely something you are already doing yourself; such as getting more sleep, managing your time better, or reducing distractions. Anything further, usually involves more effort, which is the exact thing that keeps anyone away from learning to begin with.

This is where I am reminded of the more mystical approach to creativity. Where instantaneous manifestations can occur with a simple will to perceive.

When I consider this, I am always drawn to the story of Terence Mckenna and the machine elves. Mckenna would often take psychedelics as part of his usual way of, quote “meditating”, and one time while ingesting DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) he began to interact with entities that appeared to have a profound life beyond our own.

These entities would begin to sing and objects would appear out of their mouth. Mckenna described that these entities seemed to be gesturing him to do the same. Almost as if, they knew something about reality that he did not quite grasp, and with a slight shift of his perspective; he could do the same.

In these more lofty planes of existence, manifestation is always divulged as being more instantaneous. As though, only intention is required to create anything we desire.

However, even in physical reality we can see a type of prodigy emerge, apparently from birth. There are many examples of these prodigies having adept skills in music, mathematics, memory, sports, art or any number of things— with only a small amount of exposure to them.

There is also the case of supernatural abilities. Where people can perform seemingly impossible psychic feats. Nikola Tesla, as an example, was able to psychically project his inventions in his mind’s eye. In this way, he never needed a blueprint, as everything was already holographically laid out before his consciousness. A similar feat, is performed by Daniel Tammet, who can calculate complex mathematical problems in his imagination almost instantly.

Like Mckenna, I have only been given glimpses of these prodigious states before, in certain astral or dream environments. I have experienced myself creating innovative music, seemingly by magic. Just by a sort of intention to hear music in a certain way, I would begin hearing that music created before me. As well, as several cases where I found myself playing a chromatic piano, as though I knew exactly which notes to hit. After these experiences, I strangely found myself playing the piano (in real life) slightly better and more intuitively than I ever have before.

Some may say that these abilities are out of reach for us though. That these people were born with some kind of genetic alteration that makes them have these superior traits. It mirrors how some view Jesus Christ as being innately more superior. Until we examine this curious quote: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

In this case “Believeth on me” simply means to trust what I say and do is true. Doing so, means that anyone can unlock these abilities by first believing that they can do it too.

But, what specifically can we do to unlock any of these abilities? That is what I am still learning now. Meditation seems to be key in understanding our self more. Meditation in what we like to learn and do, and otherwise.

Is it possible that once we believe in these topics more, that we can come to know of their truth? Will we be able to learn anything with relative ease once we ascend our consciousness to a more expanded awareness? Can we then learn and teach verified methods on how to achieve such a quantum leap? I see this already happening in part, in certain select places around the world. But, for now, I will have to leave you to ponder the potentials of our unique creative ability.

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