The Use Of Not Leaving The Comfort Zone

Art by CaringWong

When we usually speak about the comfort zone, we usually talk about it as a negative. We always speak about leaving the comfort zone for something greater, something better than what we are already doing. Like most of what we say, this is not completely untrue, but this means it is only half the truth.

The way we desire to exist, always leans towards some kind of comfort. It is the most preferable way of living for us, to be comfortable. If one is of an adventurous mindset, where they live spontaneously, and with a lot of uncertainty in where they will end up — this is only the case, because they feel comfortable doing so. Same goes for an athlete who goes through harsh training everyday, or a speaker who must get up on stages and speak with large audiences.

These things are seemingly uncomfortable for some, but for those who do them in perpetual motion, they have become a comfort. They do so because they enjoy doing them, otherwise it wouldn’t be quite worth it, to do so.

However, the comfort zone can always be expanded to include more aspects in life. Our energy can be uplifted so that when we face a situation that we have defined “uncomfortable” in the past, we have the knowledge to see that it is only our mind that it is making it so.

This technique of re-defining comfort, through changing our negative beliefs about what may occur if we do so, is an easy way to energetically feel good, despite the potential anxiety found in any situation. All we have to do is assume everything is for our growth and not our detriment.

Of course we always have preferences that are unique to us. Knowing our preferences is important to never end up in a place that we don’t belong. For some people, they would rather be by themselves. This is because it is their natural comfort zone. For others, they feel far more comfortable being around others. It is always useful to see how much that comfort zone can expand, but stretching that zone over its intended bounds, is not exactly suggested. Doing so may lead towards a life, that isn’t at all geared towards your unique needs.

I recall this article: People rather be shocked than left alone with their thoughts

Which speaks about a study that showed how most people would rather be electrically shocked than be left alone in a room by themselves. The boredom of being alone is too uncomfortable for them, and if they had it their way, they would have already naturally sought some other company. For others, they would be perfectly content with being by themselves, perhaps meditating instead of needlessly feeling pain.

Yet, those same people who are content with being by themselves may rather take the electrical shock, than be told they have to give a talk in front of a large audience in a week. The suspense of knowing your comfort zone will be infringed upon, is less than ideal, for those that enjoy the solace of being unattended.

It is also the case that subject matters can be uncomfortable. Expanding one’s comfort zone to include the relativity of all perspectives, could assist everyone in not having to leave the comfort zone at all. Definitely, a challenging prospect, but I assure you it can be done.

The chart shows the urgency to feel comfortable around any perspective

With how society is growing towards more division, censorship, muting and blocking of points of view — it behooves us to enlarge the comfort zone, instead of simply staying in the limited version of our own. No doubt, you will have to face the opposing perspective that is ignored, and you will have the choice of further division or understanding it. So in order to eliminate the anxiety of speaking with someone with those seemingly “awful perspectives” — understand them instead, and find the linking point between theirs and your own. You will be shocked to find how much information you may have been omitting, and how the difference in perspectives can evolve.

This is why it is good to explore both worlds. If we do not do so, we will be met with the expanded reality down the road, and it won’t be comfortable. Thus, if we can find a way to stretch our comfort zone to include all worlds, we will more easily be able to live our preferred existence.

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