Paradise Lost: How Pandemic Paranoia Has Destroyed Our Way Of Life

From my perspective, our treatment with the outbreak of coronavirus has been a disaster for our society. The lock downs and specific mandates we implemented, were not an effective strategy in reducing our pain of disease. Not only that but, domestic violence, drug abuse, depression, economic loss and suicide all went up during these protocols. In one of my podcasts, I relayed the “Spiritual Implications” of this whole encounter, stemmed from our destructive behaviors towards nature and our self. I offered the fringe, but useful perspective, of developing better immunity for the individual, by way of diet, exercise, breath work, sunlight, meditation, and trust in self. To my knowledge, I have not seen anyone suggest the whole of this, and instead opt for the more convenient and dangerous solution, that our society has already shown doesn’t work. Placing a paranoid band-aid on the fundamental problem of disease.

While watching a few episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1999), one titled “Paradise Lost”, I was amazed to find that a similar situation was already portrayed in the show (possibly garnered from previous events in history).

Star Trek, though a fictional show, does seem to do very well portraying very advanced spiritual and philosophical wisdom to the audience. I have heard that the show’s creator Gene Roddenberry, was heavily influenced by a certain channeled material known as the “Urantia Book”. With this (and perhaps other texts) he was able to create a show that was able to inject a lot of expanded knowledge.

In the episode, a species of extraterrestrial shapeshifters performed a terrorist act on planet Earth. This is unusual, since the year is 2370, and Earth has known equanimity in wealth, fairness, and world peace for centuries (which is a definite possibility within our timeline as well).

This caused the Federation (basically the military) to intervene with strict security measures. They decided to place security on every street corner, and start blood-testing as many people as they could, to see if they were a shapeshifter in disguise. During the course of the episode, many people voiced their concern with such disruptive actions being enforced upon the population, despite the obvious threat that was before them.

Towards the end of the episode, commander Sisko realized that the Federation was overstepping their role in “protecting society”, and confronted the admiral about this by saying, “You would destroy paradise, in order to save it?”. Indicating, the preposterous notion that these procedures were for the good of all.

But, the most insightful moment was when Sisko spoke with one of the shapeshifters who toyed with him by saying these lines, “What if I were to tell you there were only four shapeshifters on this entire planet?”, “Only four of us”, “And look at the havoc we wrought”, “We don’t fear you like you fear us”, “In the end, it is your fear that will destroy you”.

This highlights the exact way our society decided to play out the outbreak. The problems were not actually caused by the pandemic (as our media would suggest), because the pandemic was created by us. We decided to withdraw ourselves with fearful measures than by any actual knowledge of self and harmony. While, we can’t really say Earth is a paradise planet right now, it certainly didn’t become any better by the way we proceeded.

No better example, can be found in China where the lock downs have been the most strenuous for their people, causing them to scream from their rooftops against the daily injustice. As well, as some countries requiring vaccine identification digital signatures. Going as far as enforcing mandates — as well as declaring a type of martial law towards their citizens for protesting them. Are all of these paranoid measures really worth the havoc that they wrought?

I trust that we will be able to learn from our experiences during this time. That we can look within and find all the answers we need. That instead of a society where paradise is lost to our struggles of division, segregation, and fear; is found in the light of wisdom with our mind, body, spirit complex and our harmony with nature.

It is very likely, that in the future, we will look back at these days as some of the darkest we had to go through. We will be able to tell, the arriving generation, what it was like to be dissolved within the catalyst of our awakening consciousness.

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