Channeling sessions with a Sassani being.

Sassani are a race of beings from the planet Essassani. They have lightish blue skin, larger eyes. Approximately 4-5 feet in height, and are highly telempathic. Their cities are their spaceships. Their planet is mostly park like in nature. They are and have been channeled by many human beings on this planet. Most do not channel their energy forever but, move onto other avenues in their life.

They are here to assist humanity in our ascension (our continuing self-actualization process of helping ourselves while helping others). Many changes are happening so fast for us due to our vast connections with our internet and technology that many people are wondering. How do I raise my vibration? How do I ascend to a higher frequency? And in what way can I help others?

I am here to help with those questions. I am able to channel a being from Sassani who has given me no name to work with.  The energy I am involved with is highly connected with dolphin energy, you can speak to the dolphins through me if you wish, as well. If you would like to communicate with these entities through a channeling session, please ask.

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