Download Path of Vidya (v1.091)

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Download link to your computer and extract the .zip file(s) to a folder.
A folder named “Path of Vida” will be placed on  your computer

Simply double-click the “Game” application within the new folder to play!
Press F5 for fullscreen mode
*Windows may inform you it is an unrecognized app,
please trust that the application is safe
*Updating to a new version should retain your old save files
[Create a backup folder just in case]

Copy & paste the new version folder in the same folder as the old one
Replace all files and your game will be updated to the latest version
You only need to download the most recent version.
– Fixed a bug where death caused the game to crash
– Fixed some collision detection issues in Kansa
– Updated Game Over screen to be far more [ a e s t h e t i c ]
– Fixed a bug with one of the NPCs in the Church that caused the game to crash
– Fixed collision detection issues in the Asylum
– Fixed a bug where you could call Nord twice and it would black screen
– Fixed an issue in Thule Inn that made purchasing a room cause a black screen
– Fixed an issue that would repeat the Green Alchemist event
– Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck by Double B

– Fixed several other minor bugs and spelling errors
– The game now informs you how Vidya, Flow, and Aware menu options work
– Added save point in Forest Andromeda to make a puzzle easier
– Fixed a bug in Land of Wisps where an important event was in the wrong area
– Fixed a bug that could cause the player to skip the Green Alchemist event
– Fixed collision detection within Halls of the Hierophant
– Graves now starts at a level that is similar to the party
– Fixed collision detection on the cliffs when you leave the sub-tram
–  Fixed a bug where Essassani inn won’t charge you money
–  An important character now gives you their name in Sassani
–  Fixed a bug that allowed multiple power-ups from Gang Member
– Fixed a bug where the Sub-tram could be bought without the needed Crypto
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t talk with the sub-tram Waldo Burger clerk
–  Fixed many more spelling errors
– Changed location of button that resets the rock puzzle within Sassani
– Created more objects in Ancient ruins to better show which areas are blocked
– Fixed bug which teleported player nowhere when returning to Ancient Ruins from Vale
– Fixed a game breaking bug that crashes the game when you get to Luna
– Fixed a bug that allowed you to get to Luna before you met Curry and Miller
– Fixed a placement bug when returning to Sassani Pass
– Fixed a placement bug when leaving New Babylon
– Fixed a placement bug when returning to Arcturus Plains from New Babylon
– Fixed fadein screen bug when leaving Mt. Elohim entrance
– Fixed severe placement bug when watching the ruleBox news in Media building
– Fixed collision detection in the Virtual Plaza
– Arcturus Inn now has Moonshade Peacekeeper instead of Tachyon
– Arcturus Inn now has Bright-Dark Hammer instead of Seth’Kyron-Omega
– The floor level of New Babylon Mall now properly blocks an exit
– Carnelian Tower now has a save point that can fully heal the party
– Fixed collision detection on level 4 of Carnelian Tower
– Fixed an issue that made the CEO cut scene in Carnelian Tower pause
– Made level 4 of Carnelian Tower more aesthetic
– Fixed more collision detection in Level 4 of Carnelian Tower
 (Most recent update 7.10.2019)


 Path of Vidya is an RPG set in the modern era.
Developed using RPGMAKER VXACE.

The player must travel across the land to discover the true nature of “Vidya”, a technology introduced to Gaia by an unknown cause. The game includes basic turn-based RPG elements combined with a story that will make you question whether or not you are playing a video game or you’re playing with Vidya.








Official Game Release (6.26.19)

Please report any bugs/glitches/strange things to my personal e-mail:

I will fix the issue for the next version.