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The Belief Transmutation Service is a simple 1-hour dialogue with myself (Jaron Fund).

All of reality is filtered through our limited belief systems.
The reason we feel disconnected, lack of abundance, not loved by others, or even not loved by our own self, is due to the negative beliefs we hold to be true.

Sometimes we can’t even identify they are beliefs to begin with!
Enter my exciting new service: Belief Transmutation

I will act as a guide, a reflection of your higher self, that will identify any negative belief systems that you hold onto which create burdens, disease, fear, as well as separation, and instead grant you a positive, uplifting, healthy, and harmonious belief. This belief you can use to feel free again, until the day you embody the idea without any belief at all. This is what the mystics called “enlightenment”.


I will then elaborate how to hold onto the internal energy of a positive belief, which will over time, create the external reality of having the abundance, joy, wisdom and love that is your birth right! Your life will flow much more easily within and around your passion.

Some questions you could ask me:

Why do I have a hard time finding money?
Why do I feel anxious around people?
Why can’t I find anything to enjoy in life?
How can I find a romantic relationship?
Why do I keep having health problems?
How do I follow my passion in life?
Why am I always depressed?

And anything else you can think of!

Belief Transmutation service price is currently $100 (USD).
Payment can be sent to my Paypal, once we schedule our call over e-mail.

Our dialogue can be held on call service such as Skype or online by simply signing up for free with

The full session recording will be sent to your e-mail.

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