Not as objective as it seems
Subject creating the means
Pouring out from all conscious streams

— ∞ —


No longer I pretend
Streaming visions, I ascend
Perfection unfolding through me now

Full of light once again
Opposites and intentions mend
Nothing can stop it now

Never will we descend

Never shall we end

Time is on our side, in infinite love we send.

— ∞ —


Never an origin
To the beginning of life.
Waiting forever
To begin our endless strife.

Upturned sideways
Falling for the scene.
No complication
While living in a dream.

Seven planes towards matter..
Far beyond the soul scatter..
Mind over Mind hereinafter..

Onto reap the mass of insight.

— ∞ —


I know I can doubt
In a life that is most sincere

I will make it work, I will make it clear
It’s not something to fear…

And if someone questions my intent,
Within unending positive sphere

I will make it work, I will make it clear
It’s not something to fear.

— ∞ —

As your hyper-positivity heralds in like a celestial sea
It may not be accepted by anyone.

Exhaust your expression of the crystalline sun.
And you may wander and be where you please.

You are the wisdom that you see!

Meet me there, in that cosmic ease.

— ∞ —

You are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

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