All will be revealed

Connections will be made
Everything you are on Earth
Effects everything across the cosmic glade

— ∞ —


Floating west
Left for the east
Time tests
The truth elite
Of one
Of two
Where we stay
Is up to you

— ∞ —



Across the snow, through the tides,
When I sail, I glide.
When I sink, only the kraken prides

— ∞ —


Spiral up, that cosmic twine
 Bellowing ‘seculo seculorum’
 Inborn the desire and rhyme
 Dreaming always ethereum

— ∞ —



A famous quote says:
‘Thine wit hath cloven in twain, and you do not use what wit dost remain’

A reply:
Thine wit doth not cloven in twain..
For a full wit, doth we claim.
Hence divided by thou defining brain
Thus whole it shall always remain.

— ∞ —


From Dark to Light
To Day from Night
From Shade to Sight

Transcending now time
Now we transcend time

Seeding souls. Of all lifetimes

Eternal. Divine. Slipping through time

Stars now gathering
Now falling away yeah…

Skyline now tripping
Now tripping far away.

Now falling, spinning.

Further slipping

Now gliding in
Ripping tides
Ascending flight

We go further…
Further and further

Now further alight

— ∞ —


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