Fighting humanity is consistent defeat.
Loving humanity, an endless victory.

— ∞ —


I write this verse for us and for them…
Cherished soul, why condemn?

Love is eternal,

It cannot hate.

Neither for those who distort nocturnal

Nor for they, passing into the gate.

— ∞ —



Breathing in sunflowers,
Sensing something deeper.
Trusting in the potential of humanity.
It is all good!

— ∞ —


Taking you to a higher place
Shifting first through inner space

Breathe in digital thunder

Algorithmic fractional

Lightning sunder

Time dissolution exponential
Seventh dimensional sequential
Dwelling crisp infinite potential

— ∞ —


People hide from shame, they hide from fear.
In the unknown, they will not tread
But keen is the eye who keeps their sight
That one finds not despair, but the All and infinite light

— ∞ —


Appearing to neglect
As I hear your words across the chasm
Listening like music
Bliss no longer found

In that siren call to fathom

— ∞ —


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