The content on this website is for the sole purpose of creating interest in our Enlightenment. There is no desire for any fame, accolade, or great material gain. If you desire for any of the priced content to be free, contact me, and I will send you a free copy.

If you have ever talked with me in the past (or have heard me speak), let it be known that you are loved and not judged by me, at any capacity!! Your perspective of an individual (and everything that you know to be true) is valid. You are worthy of existence, just because of the fact that you exist. Whatever you do or say, I do not mind.

There is much deception in this world, but the further one descends into the darkness and is willing to transmute the pain that has been collected through the influence of our society, the more one accelerates towards the light. Bliss is our birth right; there is no reason to deny it within one’s soul by not following whatever action, you feel is most preferable to take, in any given moment. Meditation can be done at any time to deepen our experience, expand our consciousness, and unlock our true potential. Nothing is impossible. Trust in your abilities to overcome any and all material conditions.

This is the central point of my work. Anything beyond is better left undefined.