Ascension Over Transhumanism, More Than Virtual Reality

On one of my previous articles The Spltting Prism, Reality Upon the Verge, I explained how Earth is apparently metaphysically splitting into, mainly, two civilizations. One that will be built around the novel idea of unconditional love and the other that will seep even further into the idea of fear.

Within our society right now is the possibility for both worlds to be explored, yet one idea is promoted more and accessed easier by the way we have structured our society. Allowing our society to be dictated by corporations and governments who have the propensity to accumulate profits over the well-being of their fellow human race, has created a dystopian system. This system operates under a completely objective and reductionist viewpoint of the world. That is, the system believes we are nothing but matter, that can do nothing greater unless we invent a machine that can do it for us.

This has propelled us to a society that relies on external machinery for us to travel, communicate, or entertain ourselves. While this is definitely a positive over having nothing, and while there is definitely nothing wrong or evil about technology, it has become an ever engulfing chasm of regression in degrading our consciousness.

The philosophy of Transhumanism is on the path of a sorta negative enlightenment. That is, an enlightenment by way of external technology implanted into our body, instead of a true Enlightenment by way of expanding consciousness through a holistic internal vigor and energy. Since Transhumanism only believes in a material existence, it expends all its energy on mental constructions of the mind, in order to create a virtual immortality and a virtual reality. The limitation of this view misses the already inherent reality of immortality in consciousness, since everything is actually a subjective agreement and perspective of a perpetual awareness.

While Transhumanism may still look alluring to some, as a way to accelerate the intelligence of humanity, it has ostensibly already been done before. Channeled information sent to us by extraterrestrial guides, will speak of the story of the culturally ubiquitous Greys. These alien entities have been seen by many as stout fully grey humanoids, with large black eyes and very boring, very stern looking faces.

Since all time is now, and everything is simultaneously taking place, channeled information tells us that these entities are actually a future version of humanity. Only they decided to implant nano AI technology into their body, giving them the grey outward appearance. Subsequently, they did not focus on a balance with nature or themselves and soon found their civilization was slowly dying. Fear being their procedure, they refused any attempt to help them back to the Source.

This story, of course, is only believed by those who are of the other possible choice for humanity. The Ascension. Ascension is the expanding of consciousness to allow the human body capable of pretty much anything you can imagine or do in a virtual reality world. Only you are able to do it for real. With unconditional love as the foundation of this viewpoint, it appears to be what the vast majority of extraterrestrials take for granted as the “one reality”. Difference to them is always mutually understood, and never holds up their society like it does with ours.

Thus, those who have some loose spiritual understanding of a greater reality, will eventually find themselves on the path towards ascension, lest they choose to forget what they have learned and opt towards a more technological existence. It is in this way, that multiple realities are possible, especially depending where anyone of us individually ends up in the world, as many new styles of interacting with one another are being attempted at the moment.

One such Transhumanist timeline would be that of the “Smart Cities”. Where everything is operated by way of technological devices that track your presence anywhere in the city. Microchips will be implanted in any individual wishing to join, that will allow the access of any products that need to be purchased. Whereas, those on the highest of ascension timelines, will have little need for technology, and opt to be apart of a more indigenous community that are centered in the heart in perfect balance with nature so that they may contact with inner Earth beings, extraterrestrials or ascended masters, that aid them in advancing their ascended abilities.

These abilities have been famously expounded upon by the non-guru/guru Ram Dass. He provides a variety of stories in India of Maharaji, being able to have the siddhi (mystical attainment or ability) of clairvoyance. Where he was able to know events that took place with Ram Dass, without having been there himself. As well as being able to apparently read his mind, and seemingly predict future events. These are all aspects of psychic sensitivity that we can tap into right now. Many ordinary individuals of the modern world have displayed and continue to display these abilities. This, as Ram Dass states, made him reconsider what he knew about physical laws. Something a Transhumanist would only think possible, by way of some sort of material engineering.

Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” goes into more detail about his experiences with these ascended powers. Mentioning numerous occasions of various individuals being able to teleport, manifest objects, communicate through visions, consuming no food, befriending wild animals, influencing actions, and levitation. Literally, anything that can be imagined is possible, and possible without anything other than what the human already contains.

We also have scientists such as Bruce Lipton, or Gregg Braden who speak of the healing capabilities of our consciousness via methods of meditation or affirmations. They will explain how our DNA actually responds to our behavior and that we can actually use our willpower to alter and heal our body in numerous ways. This, in addition to other scientists who study and provide evidence for psychic phenomena in controlled environments, such as Rupert Sheldrake. Or researchers, such as Graham Hancock, who explores evidence of megalithic structures that have no evidence of machinery that constructed them. Leading him to assume that they were possibly built through abilities of conscious mantra sound resonance.

While I could go on to more stories of ascended powers, it appears to be something that is mostly seen as impossible and therefore rejected by the majority of people. Though, even if these abilities are accepted as a possibility by spiritual seekers, they are often seen as a distraction from the main goal of Enlightenment. Or they are considered to only be possible for the people who have been recorded having them (such as was the case with Jesus, Padmasambhava, and other saints or mystics that have been placed on a pedestal of being “given” the powers by chance, from God, and that no others are allowed to have them).

Rejecting the ascended possibility of all human potential can only disempower and divide us further. When we are weakened with this belief we are more easily manipulated into a less preferable timeline and more easily swayed by cunning speech that fragments our fellow human beings further. We are constantly being bombarded with new ways to interact with each other via technology, and sadly no one stops to ask how we can expand our consciousness or collectively come together to truly create something w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

It is true also, that the depth of our compassion is also a superhuman ability that can be obtained or cultivated. This important aspect about ourselves is often seen as the only useful focus of spirituality. The focus of compassion is indeed the first step towards abilities, because then we are known by the universe to be able to use them with good cause.

However, The politicians will often play off of our compassion for others, by giving us a sense that they are on our side and then later selling us off to their own fear. Since most people who are into spiritually only seek compassion, they usually ignore the more expanded insight that could help them further along their evolution as individuals and therefore the society as a whole.

With greater insight comes psychic sensitivity, of which can be used to tell if someone is lying or if someone will not fulfill their promise in the future. And if push comes to shove, having supernormal abilities could be used to avoid bloody gunfights and violence. It is indeed a preferable prospect to consider the reality of ascended powers! It needs to be spoken and expressed to anyone in anyway they know best.

All I can do for now is write this article. It only reaches a few, but those few may be able to reach more. Our destiny is greater than we can imagine, if we choose to grow into a greater awareness of our blissed human potential! It is good to know that there are multiple ways our society can evolve, and likely technology will still be apart of that. Though, we won’t become slaves to it.

Luckily, you now know there is a celestial portal towards something much, much grander. And that portal can be opened by anyone with enough fearlessness to breakthrough the ridicule and limitations of mainstream culture. We can indeed become aligned with a reality that is straight up from a video game, movie, or something. A reality of love and bliss that is beyond our most enjoyable dreams.

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