“In God We Trust?”

The Earth is rapidly going through changes that for some are hard to see but, for others are becoming more and more obvious as every day goes by. One way it is currently manifesting, is in my home country of America and upon the global  stage.


There was a dream I had where a certain political prosecutor in America was painting the map of our country in red. I didn’t think much of the dream until I re-watched the film “The Fountain” (highly recommended for those who are expanding consciousness). In the film there was a timeline in Spain where an inquisitor was squelching out the last bits of heretical behaviour left in the nation through implied brutal methods of torture until they confessed of their accused heresy. In one scene it has the inquisitor painting the entire map of Spain in blood.

This shocked my unconscious. I am often given many dreams and symbols that seem to unfold in a greater meaning at later times when I am more apt to understand them. I saw the similarities of “red”, “blood”, and the conservative party in America. There is a growing trend towards this kind of symbolic perspective.

For me, within my own interpretative reality (of which you only need to accept that which aids and assists your reality) the current trend within the world right now is that of transformation. Many people from many nations are currently protesting their government or other governments in one way or another. And though protests and political turmoil has always been a part of our history, it has not reached the global awareness and the degree of severity as it has in recent years. There are people who are currently demanding a collective revolution and others who are demanding an individual sovereign revolution for their local residence. Both of these realities are correct. Allow me to explain the greater integration occurring.

For those within a limited paradigm of sovereignty, for only a single nation in exclusion to all others, it is most advantageous to understand that they are coming from a perspective of self-love. In actuality, the only love there is, IS self-love. Don’t run away yet! This is not to say that one who practices self-love is also practising a type of selfishness and self-exclusivity that we, in the “conscious” community, associate with certain rich, high-standing members of our society who enjoy hoarding their wealth for themselves or their family.  Their definition of love is very limited and fails to grasp the actual mechanics of consciousness itself.

True self-love is loving one’s self fully and utterly, inside and without. As consciousness, you automatically create the entire universe you experience. Another way of saying this is “You are God”. Of course, there is always an entity with a higher perspective than you, and we all come from a unified perspective that is beyond our imagination. We can call this “God” as well, because it is still a part of our unconscious experience, whether we say it is external or not. 

Knowing this, we can come to truly love our experience. Meaning (and here is the challenging part to grasp) ALL people who enter our lives and interact with us are also part of the same God that we experience through our eyes. We can indeed learn to love those we now pretend we have contempt for, or that we believe our beneath us in terms of “evolutionary growth” or “conscious awareness”. Why would we not give them the same love we give ourselves? They are ourselves! On some level these entities that perhaps, say a rude word to us, or perhaps steal something that we believe is ours, are entities that we have created in our reality by virtue of being in God’s existence! Everyone and everything is meant to be in our experience in order for one to create with in themselves more love for themselves, and by definition, that means for others as well.
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Now to connect this concept with what is happening in the political sphere for certain people in the spiritual community or who claim to believe in a loving God such as most individuals who are within the Christian faith. 

The Q movement, which I briefly explain in a previous article is of growing concern to more and more people who are interested with the severity of politics on the global stage. It is my current view that this movement will prove to be for the benefit of the people in time, however like any movement it lacks a certain depth of understanding due to the nature of creating a focus for the pursuit of justice in certain areas of government all around the world, but especially in America (which is considered to be the empire of the world due to the ludicrous size of our military and foreign involvement).

I see that Q-anon is necessary for certain individuals who are within the government structures and want to find a way to counter-act the corruption that has been ongoing for hundreds of years, to have a sense of positive growth occurring. I would say this is definitely the case as more and more leaders are deciding to create economic solutions and opportunities instead of fighting proxy wars within certain areas.

However, we do not need to stop here! I see that many who follow Q-anon, still fall into the same Good/Evil duality that befalls most movements. The idea that we have to fight against an evil-doer with “the truth” in order to gain freedom as a result. Now, what is the more relevant truth will naturally reveal itself over time anyways. There is no need to resist anything that is currently going on in the news. It is much more advantageous to simply Trust God and continue to pursue one’s own passion in life. 

One’s passion may very well include expressing the information Q or others have revealed to us, and that is great! Or it could be in the form of action in the community through permaculture, sustainable living, new technology advancements, or anything else that interests you such as art, movies, and games! The idea is that the people are the one’s who dictate how events unfold on Earth. Not just high-standing members of a “cabal” or “alliance” within our nation’s governments.

But, most do not attempt to pursue their passions in this manner, because they are still under limiting belief systems that keep them in the state of fear. Which brings us to the more integrative understanding of the universe (if you are truly prepared to accept it). 

Once again, that understanding is to fully trust one’s self as God, and the higher self as the God that guides our life in ways that will bring us more and more light and love. This means that even though there are those entities that wish to exploit you, they can not effect your state of being nor can they effect your physical being because you now have this knowledge and wisdom of God’s deeper and wider truth within you!

Though, man has created a law system that forces people to abide within to keep people’s fear at ease, their truly is only one Law of the universe. It is also known as “Natural Law”. That law is that “You Exist” and what this implies is “What you put out is what you get back” (what many understand as the law of attraction or law of correspondence).

So knowing that you are safe, means that you are safe. (Like energy attracts like). But, fearing that you may succumb to dis-integrative forces, calls that energy to you by virtue of the actions you create by believing in such nonsense! (Note: nonsense is just the author’s humble opinion). So to balance the scales of justice, we must understand ourselves first. Do we wish to continue a game of good and evil? A game where we only trust those that share the same beliefs as us, or that spread the same truths as us? Or would we rather begin anew. Truly enter the kingdom of heaven by embodying the trust that God (All That Is) has for every single human being on the planet? 

Perhaps, this is me thinking several moves ahead of the chess board for many will not begin to have this kind of trust in everything God is, until those who have corrupted society with their limiting idea of love have been safely sent to a rehabilitation center, away from being a guiding light to others. However, for those with the ears to hear, let them hear! The game of duality is at an end. The game of left and right, good and evil, intelligent and fool, have been played to their very end. All one has to do is start trusting God’s existence. It is the existence of yourself and everyone in your reality that you are helping to create.

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