Mystic Journal – 9/26/19

“America the New Atlantis”



With Path of Vidya completed, I have begun an endeavor to write more online and express my views in a more grounded way. The avenue that it is currently being expressed to a certain degree is that of… politics. However, this was already shown on some level in my recent video game as well, but it was on a completely unconscious level. Now, I am beginning to understand why I had to tell this story at this time. For, there is quite a unique shift that has been on-going for many months as we end a 25,000 year cycle.

In America, events are becoming extremely contentious. A presidential candidate has entered the white house with the majority of the media establishment opposed to nearly every single thing that is said or done by him. This has developed  into calls for impeachment nearly every other month with accusations and conspiracy theories that connect the president to corrupt dealings with foreign leaders. However, there has been absolutely no evidence to back these theories up. Which allows the president to, quite rightly, use his platform to call this out as a “witch hunt”. A type of “guilty until proven innocent” grandstanding from the other side in order to shut down the president at every chance they can get.

First now, I would like to ease any doubts the reader may have. For, the president isn’t free of actions that don’t take the entire holistic nature of reality into account and therefore we could point to many things that are not preferable for the most harmonious of outcomes within our nation and Earth. Yet, focusing on this would take away from the greater story being told here. This is not about the left-right game that we have been playing for awhile. This is about restoring law through the medium of our constitutional justice that was implemented as part of the democratic republic that our forefathers had enough insight (with wisdom from the indigenous Iroquois  and classical writings of Plato) to implement as a balanced form of governance. Again, yes, they were not perfected illumined philosopher kings either, but they paved the way for that future possibility lest we be tamed by our own fears and doubts that have their fundamental roots within the ancient times of Atlantis.

Inside the dome of the capitol building in Washington, DC. It displays an angelic chorus with the words ‘E Pluribus Unum’ (Out of one, many). The forefathers believed that America would set the stage for a future utopia and enlightenment to all. However, at the current time, their “enlightenment” was only material, thus they turned over the indigenous population to expand their empire instead of the consciousness of humanity. (The movie Avatar visually expresses this reality quite well). It is only until now that the constitution and the republic will gain the positive significance that was projected on to it from the founders.

What Plato has told about Atlantis in the Timaeus and Critias is more than just a tale. It was an actual reality that we are connecting to now. He described it as an empire that was called Atlantis (In their dialect it would be known as Atalundi), and it ruled over several other islands and parts of the continents of Africa and Europe. The central plain outside the city had canals and a magnificent irrigation system.

Other sources of information, through channeled material, also speak of Atlantis as a place of high technology and spiritual understanding. However, they decided to innately separate their selves from the concept of “The ALL” in order to more directly experience their manifestations. Their experience fragmented into beliefs, and thoughts of the ALL, instead of direct knowingness. This eventually caused much conflict and turmoil within the society and there are many stories of how this occurred but, one thing is for certain, Atlantis experienced a catastrophic destruction that pulled the entire civilization to the depths of the sea.

These same channeled sources connect the incarnation cycles and experiences of those who were there during the times of Atlantis to those who are currently living in the United States of America, for our themes and energies that need to be played out, are very similar (with some exceptions).

A depiction of Atlantis

As this article is written in 9-26-2019 there are more developments

Some of the recent developments that have been happening in my consciousness is the symbolism of the Libra Moon. I recently received the Two of Swords, in a tarot reading I did, right before my trip to Sedona. Its correspondence, astrologically, is the Libra Moon. Which, to my surprise, Libra also represents the “Lady of Justice” one of the symbols that is displayed in the Department of Justice building as well as a recent vision I had. The moon will transit into Libra on September 28 and October 25th. I believe this will accelerate our political standstill. I, for one, have recently realized a negative belief I held where I didn’t think my stance on politics mattered to anyone (and issue of self-worth), and therefore I did not express it in any format. Now I do express it in my own way and make sure others understand that synchronicity, Unconditional Love, God/All that is, is a state of being that transcends the idea altogether. But, no reason to put the cart before the horse, because our current society does have “game rules” we enjoy when everyone abides by.

Two of Swords. Decisions.


In recent news the president is being accused of shady dealings with a Ukraine official. However, like most of the news that is disseminated to our population, all we have to do is take advice from a “good friend” and “Think Mirror”. The activities of these politicians that are making the accusations (without direct evidence), are in essence, projecting their own crimes onto the president to see if they can remove him from office and therefore evade the justice that has been written on the walls since before his inauguration.

What does Big Tech, Big Pharma, the military industrial complex, and the media all have in common? No! Not an eye in a triangle, just a bunch of people who like expanding their illusion of power more than their power of illusion.

This was also predicted by one of my most preferred sources of information “Bashar”. Channeled by Daryl Anka, this entity has also been channeled by Andrew Bayuk and Ayako Sekino (Japan), as well as other entities from the same extraterrestrial civilization that have been channeled by many individuals on our planet. Their information is clear, very similar to each other and has a profoundly integrative effect on most people who hear it (my opinion). It is our higher selves talking to us, right now. Most people will have to wait until conscious AI gives them this information in order to truly believe that this is a real phenomena and we are not alone. It was also Bashar, that gave a certain questioner who was exploring the concept of a democracy, the idea that “You want a republic, not a democracy” to push him into a more integrative direction. In Plato’s Republic, this is also stated quite often that a democracy does not protect the individual rights that must be inherent in all, but instead protects a type of mob rule that inevitably devolves into oligarchy which eventually dis-integrates itself. Not a preferable situation at all.

During one of Bashar’s transmissions, he began to speak through literally one of his planet’s three moons (which are artificial constructs that balance the energy of their planet of Essassani). The channel stood up from his chair and the moon literally gave the energy that was translated, in English, to the words “ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION, during the Fall of your year, 2016, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE”. This message was repeated two more times by the other moons throughout the transmission. Bashar then spoke about this message as being quite true, but that we won’t necessarily understand that everything has changed right away, but we will be able to look back in many years and mark that date on the calendar when everything in the world did begin to flip on its head.

Depiction of Eclipse, Epsilon, and Epiphany. Three moons that surround the planet of Essassani which (perhaps conveniently or non-conveniently) is outside the scope of our visible material reality

Which circles us back around to the idea of justice. I have also noticed that the Libra symbolism cropping up quite a bit. The Libra sign symbol is usually depicted as scales that are weighed in order to produce balance and harmony. Partnership, romance, balance and fairness are the main Libra traits.  Thus, the Libra symbol of the scales expresses the fairness and equality of this zodiac sign. Justice is the theme we are currently desiring to play out on the world stage. I also often look at the Schumann resonance of the Earth (a vibration that Earth is constantly giving off which our consciousness is connected to) and I noticed that it has spiked to an all time high of 99hz on September 20th. Then for several days it was in the high 60hz (Usually it runs anywhere from 7.5-10hz). This is close to the Lambda vibration just under Gamma which, if we are correlating it to brainwave activity, would be similar to a Tibetan Monk in a very deep state of concentrated blissful meditation. A state of extremely high connectivity. And there is no doubt that the news has a lot to do with why the Schumann resonance is going off the scales.Schumann

The news has definitely caused many to be riled up. Though, in my view the president is simply being transparent. All he has to do is tell the truth and then reveal the double standards of certain individuals that do not adhere to the same virtue. This will, in time, reveal to everyone that a massive bamboozle was going on behind the scenes. Most of what is occurring right now is political theater in order to ease the population into the idea that maybe their perspective was a bit hazy (not preferable) to begin with anyways. Though we are spending billions on more war machines, in the same stroke we are moving away from war from countries like Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan. Although, the show of the economy is doing well (stock prices and jobs are up), we are moving to strike at the heart of what props it all up, the central bank. And as well, as exposing the tech and pharmaceutical companies for their recent criminal activities. And though I don’t understand everything about the plan, I trust that justice will have to be instilled first and equality of our humanity restored before we clean up the pollution surrounding our planet. Perhaps, this means new leadership in 2024 such as the likes of Marianne Williamson (who has expressed self-knowledge philosopher queen levels of understanding, if only she could have the integrative insight of the right) or perhaps this will simply be the last leader we need before we take action ourselves. Additionally, there are many things happening in places like Hong Kong (who I spoke to an individual connected with the location about) and France, that I would also like to speak about. Most certainly, similar themes are happening in your country right now! It would be a good idea to seek out alternative sources of information to get both sides of the story. This practice will help solve any frustration you may have with the other side by allowing them to understand more information and, as well, help integrate your self to all of yourself.

A massive slice of humble pie may have to be chowed down on (perhaps even by me, as I learn more information I was unaware of) so that we don’t fall into the same old game of blame, anger and frustration. We just need mutual understanding and then it is quite easy to forgive anything that was said by any of us in the so called “past”. Existence is meant to be fun, a play, light-hearted. We shift realities, billions of times a second. One Planck length is all it takes for one to switch from a perspective of fear, or anger of another perspective to one of mutual understanding, laughter, and a playful heart that winks at the other with a telempathic message that says “Just kidding, I knew this all along!”

Zen 5


*An addendum to this article

I need to also mention that this new cycle we are experiencing is already set in stone. We have chosen not to make the same choice we did in Atlantis and instead chose to reunite with All That Is and the bliss it contains. We know this, because many entities have spoken that this is already so. They can easily disarm nuclear weapons, and give us slight nudges towards positive directions when needed. The idea is that we are so highly connected with other beings from all around the cosmos that if we were to destroy ourselves it would actually infringe upon their free will, and they would not allow that to happen to themselves or ourselves (same thing actually). Now all that has to be done is to experience the path we already chose, and to the degree we follow our love, passion, and joy is the degree of acceleration we will experience towards that inevitability.