Mystic Journal – 9/2/19


With Path of Vidya completed, I decided to take an obscenely long break from cyberspace. Thanks, to all out there, who are still interested in what I have to share.

During my break I disconnected communication from a lot of people and went into nature, as much as I could, to meditate. I came across many brief visions and strange telepathic experiences around this time, however what I need to speak about began with a vision sometime prior to the completion of my story-driven RPG, Path of Vidya“.

The vision (as I apparently wrote down in my private journal, took the form of a female and a male in Greek attire). The male had one hand pointing up and the female began to put that hand down. Slowly the male acquiesced and the vision ended.

This vision was extremely startling to me, because it occurred as I was waking up from sleep. Though just as a reminder, when I say “vision”, it usually involves colorful forms creating objects in the black space when my eyes are closed. This time however, it was like fully-fledged holographic forms right beside my bed.

I did not know what to make of the vision at the time, but a few months later as I was enjoying my break from all things “creative”. I saw an image on my Twitter feed of the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building in Washington, D.C.

The parallel to this image and my vision were shocking. I, of course, had the typical human doubt associated with the image at first, and began pontificating the meaning of the vision to something in my life or how I was treating someone. But, no. This time it was not about me or my life, but about something much greater. (Though of course that means it is still about my life, but I digress).

I have often called America, the new “Atlantis”. As we are repeating the cycle of disintegration that supposedly occurred during those very ancient times according to many channeled messages. Plato himself even described Atlantis as a society with very similar themes to our own. However, after the year 2012, our spiritual awareness became powerful enough to subconsciously and collectively “call-in” aid from spiritual beings that would not otherwise overstep their boundaries.

What this is manifesting within America is, basically, Justice.

This is the “something” I have stated before in previous articles and podcasts of what I don’t really want to talk about, because I figured it was too political or that I didn’t know enough to speak about it, or perhaps it was all an elaborate ruse, anyways! I made up every excuse I could to avoid this particular subject.  I remember even making a few silly videos where I said something would “happen soon” but never really elucidated what it was.

But, now I see that this is all quite real and it isn’t anymore advantageous to be all sly and mysterious about this kind of stuff any longer. What is happening right now seems to have hit the obvious dystopian future that I have often seen in films or books.

After Epstein’s alleged “””suicide””” that was reported in the mainstream media, I felt that everything was too overt now and that nothing could stop the storm that was soon to follow. The mainstream media in America, now represents fully the views of the corporate empire or what Robert Anton Wilson once termed “the Citadel”. A scientific-materialist and political entity that ostensibly sees fear as more “preferable” because it means it can keep the illusory power for the few people already within the fragmented system.


The “Happy Box”. In the game Mother 3 it was introduced by the “Pig-Army” to a moneyless society with the promise that it will make them happy. Shortly afterwards, money was introduced to that society.


Our narrative in the Earth story is not guided by these forces however. It is guided by us. Though, many still enjoy buying into the fear that they are handing out at an ever accelerating rate. Especially, since they don’t really have to tell you the whole story in order for people to buy it.  The media has now become the conspiracy theorists. Spinning wild tales with no source to verify their claims.

The big tech companies have also begun censoring anyone with another perspective. These perspectives are labeled as “threatening” or possibly “domestic terrorism”,  and are often associated with far left or far right groups.  Because both sides of the political spectrum are beginning to see injustice in the same areas.

This is causing people to begin the first step of the spiritual awakening. The realization that society is very distorted.  This distortion is about to become very clear for a lot more people.

The statues depicted in the image above, are known as the “Spirit of Justice” and the “Majesty of Justice”, both of which, as far as I can tell, represent the obvious. We will begin to see more litigation and prosecution happen in America. And many people who we thought were immune to this kind of stuff will have a very bright light shining on them that will begin to create the integration and healing in our political system that is long overdue.

Julian Aurelius in my game “Path of VIdya”, describing the extent of the corruption in the Omni-State exceeds what most are willing to believe

Again, I find this most challenging to speak about because it is the easiest area for people to get angry with.  As well as with myself, I have always found that the things of law, business, and politics is one of the most greyface ways to interact with another human. Something about it is desolate. The smell of the whole thing is arid. Yet, I have found myself drawn to it like a story. It is something I am beginning to now, enjoy thinking about, because it seems to have found a lot of new life within it.  There are actually good people in these fields that want to create just as much positive change as anyone who meditates or creates art.

The idea is that many who represent the uprooting of corruption are the very same that are looked down upon in most of the spiritual community because of their lack of awareness for issues pertaining to the harmonious upkeep of the Earth. It is those who wish to revitalize the “Republic”. The notion that individual rights can never be tampered with by mob rule. It is basically the whole story of Star Wars and how quote, unquote “evil” can run amuck by simply telling people it will be quote, unquote “good” if they externalize their will to the state instead of themselves.

Which brings us to the prophecy of the golden age. The Age of Aquarius (which just so happens to be the zodiac that the procession of the equinox is currently moving into.) Which, of course, has been beaten to death and back like a horse at this point. In the spiritual community, it is the long awaited divine plan to bring harmony and happiness back into our lives. We have heard many promises of mass arrests of “the Citadel” or what is sometimes termed “Cabal”, “Deep-State” members (at least since before 2009) as well as complete debt forgiveness and a financial reset that would remove us from the central bank monetary system to give us a more fair and balanced way of life until we have so much abundance that we drop the idea of money altogether.

Now many of these things seem fantastical and far out of reach for many more years to come. The idea of mass arrests however…
Seems like it could happen anytime now.

Mr. Carnelian in “Path of Vidya” having a debate with Mrs. Hillz. Even before he was elected he already knew what had to be done.

Enter Q

Q being the most synchronous and insane event to have happened since Jesus Christ and  Padmasambhava ascended to the next dimension with glistering rainbow halos and angelic symphonies chanting their eternal name as they did so.
This shit is crazy! I repeat for your sake.
This shit is crazy.

Q-Anon is the synthesis that humanity requires in order to see the other side of things. An anonymous poster on 8-chan. Q-Anon often makes posts that are coded and symbolic in order to leave it up to others to decide what Q is talking about. The number of predictions that have come to pass through Q-Anon’s posts make it a point of mathematical impossibility that this could be a mere role-player that is trying to troll people for amusement.

Q consistently calls for the unification of America and humanity. The anonymous poster always talks about how it isn’t about right or left, but about the people and about the change we need to make within ourselves and each other. Q’s common statement “Where we go one, we go all” is easy to interpret as the individual sovereignty creating collective and harmonious power. This movement then goes on to state how separation and division are not the natural state of humanity. If we were not constantly dividing ourselves by class, by race, by religion, by politics and so on, we would naturally get along and work together. Nothing more than what countless mystics have stated before. And this is now getting out to a much larger audience.

Q also brings with it a number of synchronous qualities. The number it is associated on the alphabet is 17. This number is often seen in various coded messages as a way to ease people into the idea that a grand divine plan is among us and it is here to help. As soon as I heard about this phenomena my mind consistently went back and forth between the possibilities of “Trust the Plan” and the usual dredge human default point of view of a “Deception used to manipulate us”.  I can’t stress enough how hard it was for me to accept Q-Anon’s validity. I simply did not want to be bamboozled and figured that it was simply a way for people to give out false hope.

I thought about why it had to be so subterfuge and why they can’t just let the people in on this secret “plan” of theirs. But, when a rich billionaire, that blackmails other rich billionaires, gets murdered in broad daylight and it is reported to be nothing more than a “suicide”. It is easy to see why things are veiled.

17 has also showed up in the Earth’s Schumann resonance.


Where oddly enough, every 17 of the month, the Schumann resonance spikes in strange patterns.

17 is also associated with the Star in tarot:

The Star being in relation with, you guessed it, Aquarius. As the dawning of the age of Aquarius is now becoming more and more visible.

In the tarot card we can also see seven stars behind the one in the center. The seven stars often symbolizes the “seven mystic sisters” or in other words the Pleiades constellation. This leads many people to believe (and some even claim to know) that the Pleiadians are giving Q-Anon (the alliance of nations, the “good” guys, within our governments) all the relevant information they need to disseminate to the public and to each other in order to “drain the swamp” of all the corruption that has existed since the fall of Atlantis.

These are exciting times, friends! I have only spoken briefly about this and need to speak more. You can expect a lot more information from me that is similar to this in upcoming podcasts (when I get around to it!).

In no way does this mean the U.S. President is immune from myopic actions, but the reason for his presidency isn’t about that. An expansive, integrative view comes with the next leader. His legacy will be about restoring law.

And as a reminder in the Tao De Ching.
When Tao is lost, there is goodness.
When goodness is lost, there is kindness.
When kindness is lost, there is justice.
When justice is lost, there ritual.
Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty, the beginning of confusion.

So we are beginning to revitalize justice. And once there is justice, there will once again be kindness. And in kindness we can easily find our way back to the Tao. Where we will live in that ecstatic state of being and explore what it has to offer for eternities to come. The great awakening is upon us. Trust yourself, and you will see the potential of humanity is in our divinity and not in the way we are negative to each other.

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– Jaron