Mystic Journal – 5/3/19


I am continuing my endeavor of more enlightenment.

In the meanwhile, I am also working on my project “Path of Vidya”, an RPGmaker designed video game that takes place in a parallel timeline of Earth where a technology by the name ofVidyais introduced to Gaia by an unknown cause. The player must discover the meaning of it all while conferring with entities that seek to spread doubt and confusion among them.

An in-game questionnaire that is vague and philosophical

I am  done playtesting through the game a fourth time (Takes about 10-15 hours each play through). And I find myself modifying and re-writing parts of the story which causes more delays. My story happens to connect with what is going on in the world right now and it gives me surges of new ideas to implement as I see things happen. There are many things that are being revealed behind the “scenes” of the mainstream of which most people pay attention to, and so it is becoming more clear to me how things will probably play out. The thing is that I never like talking about this kind of stuff to anyone, because the information is so strange that the mere mention of any part of it sounds like idle fantasy. That is why the game will highlight some of the things I see happening without me having to commit to any particular point of view.  The challenge I see, is to convince the player of the game, that there are many more possibilities of potential then are currently imagined.

I have talked about how all perspectives are equally real, valid, and true for whomever is perceiving it. Thus, I have realized that when an individual has viewed how something works (or appears to function) in one and only one way, it becomes incredibly durable for the individual has only seen evidence for that perspective and nothing else.

However, an individual that enjoys seeing multiple sides of things can cross the barrier of the heaviness and compact nature of simply only seeing one side of a coin. That individual then has a “lighter” perspective that is more malleable and makes it far easier to not get emotional or disturbed by the mention of any another perspective.

The reason I mention this is because the most challenging point of view to consider is that of history itself. I am suggesting that history itself can be changed totally and completely in every moment. This is why the Mandela Effect is a real, valid, and legitimate phenomena and not merely a misfiring neurological connection in our brains.

The history I perceive, and the history you perceive can tell different stories, and very well both can be true simultaneously, for the people within that history had their own perceptions and visualizations of what was real for them during that time period as well. Thus, how can one be judged by their past if the past is only what we create now. The idea is that the way things happen is only what we agreed upon and no one has to agree on the general collective belief of what we have created, therefore not being chained to the commonly perceived past and only living in a newly created one. In other words, now is not the result of the past. This is how one can remove guilt, while still retaining (if they choose) the valuable experience of what that potential past has been teaching.

D5Ryu5GUIAIYF7j.jpg large
Past? Future? All looks the same to me

As well, the idea of multiple histories converging, mixing, and being recreated in every moment gives one an opportunity to allow what they use to think as “fake”, “false” or “untrue” as simply another perspective in the infinite possibilities and potentials of the entire universe. Some, of course, being more relevant and slightly more possible than others, but that is only how I perceive it. Anyone at anytime could very well make the case for something as odd and weird as the “big bang” was created by nothing interacting with nothing using all the math wizardry I will never understand in this life and easily convince anyone of anything. Which despite my “possible” humor is still definitely real and valid as a perspective due to the evidence of which I could pretend to understand if someone lowered the complexity for me. (Which, of course, I had full faith of in the past, and now I don’t, though can always at any time, change during any conversation to integrate with someone’s strong belief in)

The idea, if you want, is to lighten up the seemingly serious nature of our current reality. The universe is inherently not serious, because it isn’t going anywhere, or has any other agenda except, to exist. This means, it only wants to experience things. It is only human bodies that choose to create a reality where we want to experiment, test, verify, struggle, challenge, oppose, argue, debate, fight and harm others. And for many people that is their idea of fun because it is the only idea they see as being of assistance to others and themselves. And for many more years that will be the way of things.

For me, that seems like a really boring way to live. Instead of that grey face way of living. One could easily get the same results by exploring, discovering, enjoying and being themselves. Existing out of the mystery and not existing out of the fear of not knowing or not succeeding. It’s just easier in my view.

Which circles back around to my favorite topic, me (which is still you) but for me, specifically, I still enjoy giving my perspective from time to time, though I do not enjoy thinking about it, which happens too many times that I care to count. In states of pure bliss and joy I will remember the days when I was a child and I never thought about the arguments I could make, or evidence I could present in an attempt to expand the consciousness of others. No! I was dreaming about what adventure I would have in the Legend of Zelda, or how cool it would be if Pokemon were real. All dreams that would fade back into myself in quiet meditation because nothing was much of a problem when I had no knowledge of the world.

Which is why I always endeavor for more enlightenment now. More ways that I can sustain those blissful moments in the forest and extend them for as long as possible are infinitely more valuable than finding ways that I can look smarter to other people (Despite the fact, my mind still tries to do it). I don’t want an ego that keeps butting in my bliss and saying things like “Dude, wouldn’t it be cool to post this quote on Facebook?” or “If I say it this way, then my perspective would look very alluring.”

No! Physical translation of my perceived FORM. That is never going to work. Because, I had the thing I wanted and then you got greedy! Now is the time to stay in the thing and let people be who they want to be and perceive the perspective they enjoy perceiving.

It is very unlikely that someone will read this and create the enlightened impression I describe for longer than the end of reading this article. However, if an individual finds for themselves that pure bliss and joy. What is there to think about? Nothing, but the joy that is already naturally within them! That sounds like a smoother way of going about things. And thus, all perspectives or no perspective at all. It is all the same in the existence and nothing can disturb you. Does that sound like a wondrous prospect? Perhaps, it is more real and truthful than anything that could be said anyways.


Light doesn’t have to shine through stained glass to look more beautiful, but it can make things interesting.





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