Mystic Journal – 3/14/19


I am continuing my endeavor of more enlightenment.

A few people will read these and that is cool, but the journal and everything I do, is for me. As selfish as that sounds, I ensure you it is not. (Perhaps similar to speaking to your cat or dog even though you know they can’t understand most of your words)

Everything is done in service to one’s self in order to reach another self in the same degree of illumination. Because when we are born we are taught that we must behave in service to something that is outside our self and it at once brings us to confusion and depression when we find out that it was all a strange hoax.

The idea is that I connect with my higher self which ultimately ends in the source of consciousness, the ALL, or which has been colloquially called God. I sometimes call it “Home”. When we all connect by transcendence of our non-preferable selves, real communication occurs.

The challenge for me is that I will often do “work” that I don’t want to do in order to appease the collective cultural norms or the demand for a better material existence. It places most of my energy in my head as I attempt to drudge through thoughts that I then believe will help me obtain those goals.

This is all very good and fine for anyone to do, and it is the common theme of most people on Earth. But, it appears that I am constantly being told by synchronicity, guides of helping nature, and my personal existence itself that for me, personally, that the constant strife, thinking cycles is not the way to get what I want.

So the pressure on my third eye stays penetrating as I have to move, what can be called, “energy” down to the root or base of my spine. Holding it there, I can feel the bliss of existence and none of the desire to achieve anything. This is very apparent in meditation when nothing seems to matter except being.

However, in the busy world of beliefs and opinions it is easy to get caught back up in the constant state of apparent “struggle”. Especially, when someone asks what you do for work. I can reply with an answer such as game developer or podcaster but, these things do not, as of yet, support my full material desires which simply is a home that I can pay for. So it often seems as though my endeavors are split into a dichotomy of desiring/letting go of a material existence. The idea being, am I really shifting into the most preferable reality by simply following my passion and whims in the moment? The answer always comes back as a resounding yes, but so long as I am still enjoying the current state of being.

The doubt creeps in only in boredom. A neutral state. And in fact, a most preferable state for the great majority of people on the planet who resonate between an anxiety of worry and anger most of the time (dabbled in with the delights we all share of course). As for me, neutrality is a lower state of being. Mostly I am in excitement, passion, or tranquility. Which you will simply have to take my word for, because it is entirely a subjective experience! Now, the idea is that the more I let go of my constant need to think or believe that I need to create more change in the outside world in order for my desires to be fulfilled then the less I will find myself at that boredom state of mind.

A fine balance of my own principles is the only thing that is required, which means not to buy into the collective belief of doing the things most people say needs to be done in life. One can easily be at a perfect state of balance and yet, believe themselves to be lazy or too hedonistic by virtue of the collective negative belief that draws them to do things they wouldn’t otherwise endeavor to do.

Living the dream. (Contains special symbolism for someone I am happy to know)

The dream I have envisioned my whole life is that I would own a home in which I would be able to work on my projects for perhaps 1-2 hours per day. Then the rest of the day would be used to workout, meditate, visit parks, speak with people, and perhaps in the distant future… communicate through psychic sensing to nature, non-human entities, and create out of body experiences. (Not unlike I am experiencing now with a few exceptions)

I have often heard that the way society will change in the near future will be so drastic that this could be an easily obtainable goal for anyone. Most people now, are observing that growing belief that work time should be reduced as much as possible in order to make room for more play.

As the trust in this idea grows, the excitement in the individual seems to grow as well which indeed appears to accelerate synchronicity and thus the new society that will be born.

I keep recalling a vision of the future that someone gave me at a small music festival once. He was holding two crystals in his hands as I joined mine with his. We were told by the event instructor to visualize something wonderful for the person we were looking at. When it was over we weren’t supposed to say what we had visualized for the other. But, he couldn’t contain his excitement for me. He said that he could see me in the future with a humble home where I grew all my food, I had a beautiful wife and two children. My eyes opened wide as I was shocked about how much it aligned with my ideal vision of the future. Then we were about to part ways and he told me another part of the vision he forgot about. Non-nonchalantly he said “Oh, and you will have your own spaceship”.

Though my very own house sounded outrageous enough. Perhaps the spaceship is symbolic of the ability to close the distance between our lower selves and our higher selves that already exist in perfect freedom among the stars and the inner light. An exciting prospect, if I do say so myself!

So I often put my imagination/thoughts to good use and only allow trusting/loving data to flow through those streams. It is why I like talking about the future so much, for as someone once told me, “Aquarius are time-travelers.” Rooting the dream world into the present moment is the most ecstatic thing I can do in this slow vibe of a material existence where most people’s fun only comes through a glowing oblong box in the corner of their room.

Thus, I continue to work on my game “Path of Vidya” which I am pleased to say, is going to be quite an amazing trip for a lot of people who enjoy a visual novel. As well, as a podcast will be released for this month in order to spread more energy out on the intertubes. Though, that is to be determined as I move through the current tides of life. I thank you all for reading this article, donating to my cause, following my work, and staying within that Non-Judgement vibe.


Leave the higher self to the broad strokes of your reality. All the conscious mind needs to do is fill it in with color.



– Jaron


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