Mystic Journal – 2/25/19


I continue to work on my game “Path of Vidya” whilst living upon this planet.

The trailer for Path of Vidya is now out!

Please go to the youtube link and click “like” to give myself a warm sense of satisfaction.

The comments I have received from my family and friends has been very positive, though very little is known about how it is received by people outside that domain. This game was originally meant to be a sort of “inside joke” with my friends. I was gifted RPGmaker VXACE by my friend “Nord” and actually never planned to do anything this ambitious until I got in and messed around with things and found out how easy and fun it was to create your very own world. A story was already swelling up inside me and so everything came together naturally.

Though in the creation of the game I have found exceedingly odd coincidences that have occurred in my real life that corresponded with the story I was creating in my world. One such example is when the character “Dave” is speaking about how he has never once experienced Deja Vu.


Most characters in my game have the same likeness as people I know in my real life. My friend Dave, lives in New York, and I was able to visit him for a few days. Shockingly, after I made this scene, I had a conversation with him where the topic of “Deja Vu” did come up and to my surprise, Dave said the same line that was already in my game. Something to the effect that he has never once experienced Deja Vu. I didn’t at all tell him about this, but I believe I proceeded to rant about extraterristial life a little bit later that day!

There are many other incidences such as this where my game creation and reality begin to blur. Perhaps people who are in my game will have synchronicities associated when they play it. There is a certain occult magician who also talks about how the story he made for his comic book character also mirrored the same things happening in his life. This is also why when certain people tell me they want their NPC to be “killable” or “shoot rockets out of their mouth” I tell them not to be so flippant about that visualization!

Recently, I needed to create a new town between two levels as a break for the player. I made the town of “Pleides”. This new area shocked me yesterday, as I created a small scene in the town where you can look at a vast landscape and the character is overwhelmed with a type of longing. Then the character suddenly is stricken with “homesickness” that can only be recovered by eating a chocolate bar.

This scene just seemed like an out of the ordinary “odd” little thing that I put in the game to stir up some emotions from the player. I soon forgot about it until I had a dream a few nights ago where I walked away from a group of people into a field of tall grass and trees. I was overcome with a sensation that felt very nostalgic and heartbreaking. Their was a small recognition of leaving my original “Home”.

This word “Home” has been repeated in my head, telepathically, for many years now. I still have little understanding what it means as I currently still live in the same home I grew up in. I can only make assumptions and I do know that we have a self that is outside the scope of our physical reality. And one day, maybe we will be able to rejoin again with that self, and be in union with those around us who we once forgot ever existed before.

Seeding future versions of ourselves into various pockets within our limited reality to one day, in “time”, find them as markers to take our next step.


– Jaron

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