Mystic Journal – 2/6/19

As the Earth has cycled around the Sun exactly 30 times since my incarnation upon this planet as of February 2nd, I have been working diligently on Path of Vidya.

My state of being is shockingly optimal, despite my latest skiff off the deep-end as highlighted in my recent episode of Aura Mystica.

I recently decided to just stop eating meat for good as it does nothing but create small little energetic stabs upon my pineal gland which are not only painful but, make for another potential schizophrenic experience as I start to believe in the unbelievable, my own disempowering point of view that the universe is suffering.

I suppose this could and has been said in lost episodes of my podcast, but eating meat is kinda weird in itself when you consider that a sentient being with a nervous system has to be locked up in a hell chamber for it’s entire life and then brutally slaughtered like some sacrifice to a gluttonous god of blood.

Despite the strange ritual we perform daily on our planet. I don’t judge anyone who eats meat. And I may even find myself dabbling back into the experience of consuming flesh if I forget the pain that it causes me. I will say that the All allows all experiences to manifest, and so that includes someone killing a cute lamb or something and then eating its corpse. Thus, we can apply the same exact non-judgement if one happens to masturbate to pictures of anime females that are suspiciously too young for age of consent unless one’s physical body is located within an area of space that is labeled “Angola”.

Though I find myself being way too bold in my wordage here. I still wonder why it is perfectly legal to kill and eat the flesh of animals yet, perfectly criminal to stick a soft appendage within one.

I digress from my unconscious,  I just realize that due to the karmic binds of this dimension that I will be around the Earth realm for a very, very long time. And, in order for Earth to ascend to a more enlightened way of being, we have to lighten up. Which means the ability to see things from a “lighter” more joyous perspective and not from an angry judgemental one where we believe those who transgress against the laws of man should be punished for opposing “morality”. (Which ironically creates the opposite effect of a less compassionate society, therefore less morals in all). The reality tunnels of people are narrowing into specific plateaus of experience that prevent ourselves from understanding why one would act in the way they do and therefore, our lack of compassion compels us to continue to judge others for what we refuse to look at within ourselves.

Another way of saying the same thing is that we are all one entity, having a subjective experience in linear time and so, of course, when one acts out in a way that is not collectively preferred (such doing literally anything on an airplane other than staring at the seat in front of you), then we become afraid of the other and forget ourselves in the process.

This expression had to spew forth within some medium and so I am glad you did not judge me too harshly as I mean well for everyone and I understand that everyone is on their own path, no matter what they choose to believe. I sometimes enjoy pushing the overton window to new heights within our stable beliefs, though I understand it means sticking my head out on the chopping block which I like to evade whenever possible.

As for my wonderful game “Path of Vidya”… much progress has been made. I am tweaking the remains of the final city. Even adding small effects such as moving cars and a scene where you will be able to observe a riot happening within the city.

Moving cars! A miracle within the default parameters of the RPGmaker engine!

And I have put the final cherry upon the final scene which means that simply put, the game will soon move onto the beta testing phase! Woohoo!

I will be shortly making in-game trailer that will show you a glimpse of the interesting atmosphere of Path of Vidya while stimulating your brain waves into a sense of anticipation as we all await how a small portion of the internet will react to my game.

Please allow yourself to meditate whenever possible. As every shift in the energy of Earth always draws us closer to a civilization of peace, compassion and eventually full enlightenment where we will take part in that unimaginable reality of ecstasy and joy for all humanity.

Dq9NWSZXgAAFnQB.jpg large



I mentioned in this article that the meat eating was the cause of energetic imbalance in my consciousness. Though, this could be considered a negative belief, and that belief accelerated the experience of having an imbalance. I found that enjoying the experience until I no longer need the experience is a more preferable path than assuming that externalizations can affect my well being.



– Jaron


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