Mystic Journal – 1/11/19

I am continuing to diligently work on as much as “Path of Vidya” as my mind allows.

The wonderful Isidor has allowed me to use a bit of his music for the game.


His synth new wave retro vibe really fits the theme of this game in certain fast pace scenes. And as you may know, I’m using other musicians music as well, such as my friend Aiko Daku and hopefully I can get a song from Touch A.C. somewhere in there as well.

Though the music will mainly consist of Vaporwave, as the consumerist, mall soft vibes really make the game have a highly aesthetic atmosphere when you arrive in familiar areas such as the “Zozo” convenience stores.



I have received permission from a lot of artists to use their music in my game such as:
猫 シ Corp, Windows彡96, Efence and a few others.


Yet, many I have not gained permission for as I either don’t know how to get a hold of them or they couldn’t reply back. As Vaporwave already blurs the line of copyright  and this game is non-commercial, I trust all musicians that are in my game will enjoy that their music is receiving exposure with full credit given to all of them at the end screen. I plan to make a blog post where you can donate to all of their causes!

As for the slightly more real side of things, I have been working again on my project “Aura Mystica” which is a podcast about the greater reality. Most casts will be solo, and enjoyable! The next cast will feature my current experiences with channeling and telepathy. It gets really confusing when you start to hear other people’s thoughts and probably a good reason that most people who meditate, do not venture into the glamour of the psychic realm.

Most of these abilities however are opening up for those who meditate or take on the expanded nature of reality, and it is only a matter of time before more is revealed to us. It reminds me of the game Earthbound (which Path of Vidya is heavily inspired by) where Ness comes across psychic abilities in order to rid the world of insanity.


Scene from Earthbound where Ness goes through Abyss, Death and Rebirth


Of course everyone is capable of anything at anytime. When an individual claims enlightenment or anything else that appears unbelievable, it is good to note that anyone can be that state of being. Most of the time I mention any of this, people become withdrawn and a few times will think up a reason why they feel so bad such as me having “an ego” or even being a “heretic” when all I am offering is a perspective of an expanded reality that places all of humanity upon the pedestal of divinity! My personality is the one that has to clumsily get this across to people without them thinking I am placing myself above All that is, which is impossible to do anyways even if I were to say it.

As we move into the new year, I can safely say that a lot of the paranoia that was holding me back is becoming less powerful. I often feel a sense that my opinions about right/wrong, good/evil are becoming less relevant and as a result I am less frustrated and more peaceful and very excited as well. We have friends in high places and Earth is at the center stage for the coming times.




Sometimes when we are thinking, we are actually listening…

– Jaron


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